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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Google WebAlerts - Roche Sites

I got a mail from Google Web Alerts for the Web Alerts I had set up for Roche Genealogy.

It had one link - for Ancestor Guide: Roche Genealogy and Surname Search.

This page did not contain any information but, as the name suggests, had links to other pages (including searches). Some of the links went nowhere (404), some to paid sites and some had nothing to do with the Roche family! Some links looked familiar, so I must have visted them long back - and they should be there in my bookmarks. [That reminds me, I need to slowly document those sites here].

A few interesting sites -

Family Genealogy Sites

1. Baumert - La Roche Genealogy
This site is a work in progress (WIP). It contains only a list of surnames - La Roche being one amongst them.

2. Martin Family Page
Contains a list of descendents of William Roche (June 1840 - July 03, 1877)

3. Patricia's Timeless Connections
This is an old site - I've been here before (a long time ago) - the leaves icons are the same as before.
It has a section on the de la Roche/Roche family. It mentions 12 Roche's from 1812 to 1986.

4. Cray Regis Bauxmont-Flynn's Genealogy
It mentions 2 de la Roche's - Claudine de la Roche (b. 29-Jan-1921, South Africa) and George T. de la Roche (13-Mar-1866, Pietermatriztburg, SA to 5-Mar-1938, Koppies, SA).

5. Peddy Genealogy
Site for the PEDDY surname genealogy.
Mentions a Philip Roche -
Hannah PEDDY married Feb 9 1791 in Craven Co NC Philip ROCHE, John Mansfield was the bondsman & Saml Chapman was the witness.

6. Raymond Schad's Genealogy Site
A WIP. Mentions the Surname De Roche.

7. Bella Bindy's Family page
Mentions one Roche - Roche, Terence John who married Risely, Rhonda Christine


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