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Friday, July 09, 2004

The British Library - Images

The British Library has its images, from its book collection, online.

On searching for Roche, I found one record -

Record Number: 21284
Shelfmark: C.32.h.14
Page Folio Number: opposite 52
Title of Image: Roche Brasiliano
Description: Roche Brasiliano. Dutch Buccaneer, active during the 1670s. Portrait.
Title of Work: Bucaniers of America: or, a true account of the ... assaults committed ... upon the coasts of the West Indies by the Bucaniers of Jamaica and Tortuga ... especially, the ... exploits of Sir H. Morgan ... written originally in Dutch, by J. [or rather A. O.] Esquemelin ... now ... rendred into English.
Author: Exquemelin, Alexander Olivier
Production: W. Crooke: London, 1684-85
Language/Script: English

The image shows a person holding a sword. The title, below the picture, reads "ROCK BRASILIANO"


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