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Monday, July 05, 2004

University of Birmingham - archives and manuscripts collection - Mangalore

There are a few documents in this collection that have references to Mangalore.
All the records are from the same repository - University of Birmingham Information Services, Special Collections Department, Main Library, Edgbaston Campus

1. Menge, Rev. Charles Caesar,
Date: 1836-1869
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I3 O52/1-154
Extent: 154 docs.
/86 Includes [appendix] brief account of baptism of three Brahmins at Mangalore Jan 1844;

2. Leupolt, Rev. Charles Benjamin
Date: 1832-1872
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I1 O177
Extent: 169 docs.
/142 Describes visit to SPG missions at Tanjore and Trichinopoly and the American mission at Madura, Jan 1865; describes visit to temple of Minachi at Madura 31 Jan 1865; also Tinnevelly district, Palamcotta, Paneivillei, Nazareth, Mangnanapuram, London Missionary Society missions in Travancore, Neyoor, Trivandrum, Cottayam, Mangalore, Tillicheri and Madras 1865;

3. Miscellaneous letters to headquarters
Date: 1820-1876
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I2 O13
Extent: 31 docs.
/11 Findlay Anderson: Mangalore: sends to Dandeson Coates copy of letter to Dr. Hoffman, Basel Evangelical Missionary Society relating to establishment by subscription of English school for Hindus at Mangalore: CMS to hope to provide a schoolmaster 1841;

4. Hebich, Rev. Samuel
Date: 1834-1846
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I2 O118
Extent: 20 docs.
Basle Evangelical Missionary Society: Mangalore 1834-1841; Cannanore 1841-1846 /1-20 Letters 1834-46 mainly dealing with bills drawn on CMS including: /4 Includes reference to Mr. Findlay Anderson 1836; /20B Specification of bills drawn Nov 1845 - Oct 1846

5. Moegling, H.
Date: 1836-1859
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I2 O166
Extent: 3 docs.
Basle Evangelical Missionary Society: Mangalore 1836-1857: Anandapura, Coorg mission 1858-1859 /1-2 Letters 1836, 1859; /3 Meeting at Mangalore to celebrate jubilee of CMS 1848

6. Sullivan, J.
Date: 1834
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I2 O239
Extent: 2 docs.
/1-2 Letters 1834: /1 Includes reference to possible difficulties of Germans arriving at Calicut as licence from East India Company only applied to British subjects [J. C. Leihner, S. Hebich, C. I. Gruner, opening German Missionary Society (Basle) station at Mangalore, Canara coast] 1834; /2 Includes reference to need of missionary in Calicut 1834

7. Tucker, Rev. John
Date: 1833-1847
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I2 O253
Extent: 295 docs.
/54/1-44 Papers received 19 Jan 1837 mainly relating to Rhenius including: /24 Letter from Findlay Anderson, Mangalore 1836;
/136/1-4 Papers received 26 Jan 1841 including: /3 Circular from Samuel Hebich, C. Greiner, H. Moegling and G. E. Sutter, Basle Evangelical Missionary Society: relating to missions in Mangalore, Dharwar, Hoobly and Tellicherry [printed] 1840;

8. Carr, Thomas [1837-1851]
Date: 1838-1850
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I3 O4A/1-22
Extent: 22 docs.
/21 Note of commendation from John Rowlandson, domestic chaplain, Mangalore, relating to Daji Pandurang and James Buntur following ordination as deacons by bishop of Bombay 1850;

9. Jeffreys, Rev. Henry
Date: 1834-1849
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I3 O41/1-40
Extent: 40 docs.
/18 Copy of letter to Rev. Samuel Hebich, Basle missionary in Canara reference to their missions at Mangalore and Darwar 1836;

10. Kharsedji, Sorabji
Date: 1850-1860
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I3 O46/1-5
Extent: 5 docs.
Catechist: Nasik 1849; Malegaon 1850; Bombay 1853; Nasik 1854; Sharanpur 1854-1861 /1-3 Journals 1850-52: /1 Journal of tour with Rev. Edward Rogers 5 Nov 1849 - [end missing]; /2 23 Oct 1850 - 5 Feb 1851; /3 Short notice of a tour toward the coasts [Mangalore] [with Rev. C. W. Isenberg] 1-17 Jan 1852; /4 Report 1854; /5 Annual letter for 1860 [also covering 1854-60]


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