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Thursday, July 01, 2004

A2A: Oldest Roche Entry

Here's the oldest entries for roche in A2A:

Northamptonshire Record Office: Fitzwilliam (Milton) Charters [F(M) Charter/1-1659]
NORTHAMPTONSHIRE DEEDS - ref. F(M) Charter/1-1659

ref. F(M) Charter/131 - date: -- after F of St Nicholas [6 Dec] xx......Edw I
GRANT by Eva le Wythe, daughter of Adam le Roche of Castre to Reginald fil.Walteri de Castre and Edusia his wife, of hald an acre of meadow lying in Mikillangemedue in Castre. Rent, one silver halfpenny at Christmas.

ref. F(M) Charter/207 - date: Late C13th-early C14th
GRANT by William Cordel to Adam fil.Radulphi de La Roche and Cristiana his wife, daughter of Hawise fil.Alicia, for their homage and service and two marks paid in hand, of a messuage and three acres of land in Castre which the said Hawise sometime held from him, and a rood of meadow in Michilholm by performing yearly the service attached thereto; to wit, finding, every third year, in the hay time, two men to mow for one day, and once, during the day, breakfast at nine o'clock for the said William; and one man to gather the hay for one day without food; and every year at Christmas one hen, and in the third year the bringer of the hen shall eat at the said William's table; and every year at Christmas one halfpenny for suit, and at Easter one halfpenny for ward, and for the Sheriff's aid, for all services saving suit of court, and the King's foreign service namely, scutage, whenever it shall happen to 40sh. 5d.


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