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Friday, August 13, 2004

World Biographical Index - 2

Searching for all Roche's on the WBIS gave 657 results. Some of the older entries are listed below -

Name: La Roche-Baron, Ponce de évêque de Mâcon
Gender: m
Year Cited: mil. du 12e s.
Occupation: évêque
Occupation Classification: Church Dignitaries, Representatives, Administrators (715)
Archive: Archives Biographiques Françaises (ABF)
Fiche Location: I 601,404-421
Short Title(s) of Source(s): La Rochette
Short Title: La Rochette
Source Citation: La Rochette, comte de; Histoire des évêques de Mâcon / par le cte de La Rochette. - Mâcon: Protat, 1866-1867. - 2 tomes
Saur Document Number: F105945
Gale Document Number: DA3506183466

Name: Roche, Guillaume de
Gender: m
Year Cited: 13e s.
Occupation: maçon
Occupation Classification: Construction Industry (161)
Archive: Archives Biographiques Françaises (ABF)
Fiche Location: II 557,203
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Brune P.
Short Title: Brune P.
Source Citation: Brune, Paul; Dictionnaire des artistes et ouvriers d'art de la Franche-Comté / par Paul Brune. - Paris: Bibliothèque d'art et d'archéologie, 1912. - (Publications pour faciliter les études d'art en France).
Saur Document Number: F332020
Gale Document Number: DA3506278983

Name: Rhos, Othon nte la
Other Name(s): auch: Otto de la Roche
Year of Death: nach 1225
Gender: m
Occupation: Ritter
Occupation Classification: Aristocrats (905)
Archive: Griechisches Biographisches Archiv (GBA)
Fiche Location: 364, 240-241
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Ekpaideutike hellenike enkyklopaideia
Short Title: Ekpaideutike hellenike enkyklopaideia
Source Citation: Ekpaideutike hellenike enkyklopaideia: pankosmio biographiko lexiko. - Athena, 1983-1988. - Tom. 1-9B
Saur Document Number: G060-752-8
Gale Document Number: DA3534063018

Name: Roche, Thomas
Gender: m
Year Cited: 1487-1504
Occupation: judge
Occupation Classification: Judges (332)
Archive: British Biographical Archive (BBA)
Fiche Location: I 941,289
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Foss
Short Title: Foss
Source Citation: Foss, Edward; A Biographical Dictionary of the Judges of England: from the Conquest to the Present Time, 1066-1870 / by Edward Foss. - London: Murray, 1870. - (Biographia Juridica).
Saur Document Number: B150391
Gale Document Number: DA3504257297

Name: Roche, Jean
Gender: m
Year Cited: 1570
Occupation: Trompeter
Occupation Classification: Instrumentalists, Orchestral Musicians (613)
Archive: Deutsches Biographisches Archiv (DBA)
Fiche Location: II 1083,125
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Refardt
Short Title: Refardt
Source Citation: Refardt, Edgar; Historisch-biographisches Musikerlexikon der Schweiz / von Edgar Refardt. - Leipzig [et al.]: Hug, 1928
Saur Document Number: D616-583-0
Gale Document Number: DA3508325693

Name: Roche, Juan
Gender: m
Year Cited: 1575
Occupation: arcabucero
Occupation Classification: Metal Working (121)
Country: Spain
Archive: Archivo Biográfico de España, Portugal e Iberoamérica (ABEPI)
Fiche Location: I 812,110
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Gestoso
Short Title: Gestoso
Source Citation: Gestoso y Pérez, José; Ensayo de un diccionario de los artífices que florecieron en Sevilla desde el siglo XIII al XVIII inclusive / por José Gestoso y Pérez. - Sevilla: Andalucía moderna, 1899-1909. - 3 vols
Saur Document Number: S104-900-5
Gale Document Number: DA3514275655

Name: Roche, John
Other Name(s): c.h. John Neele
Year of Death: 1583
Gender: m
Occupation: martyr
Occupation Classification: Saints, Martyrs (724)
Archive: British Biographical Archive (BBA)
Fiche Location: I 941,230-239
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Gillow; Burton/Pollen
Short Title: Gillow
Source Citation: Gillow, Joseph; A Literary and Biographical History, or, Bibliographical Dictionary of the English Catholics: from the Breach with Rome, in 1534, to the Present Time / by Joseph Gillow. - London [et al.]: Burns & Oates [et al.], 1885-1902. - 5 vols
Short Title: Burton/Pollen
Source Citation: Lives of the English Martyrs: Second Series. The Martyrs Declared Venerable. Volume 1, 1583-1588 / edited by Edwin H. Burton and J. H. Pollen. - London [et al.]: Longmans, Green & Co, 1914
Saur Document Number: B150368
Gale Document Number: DA3504257273

Name: Roche, José
Year of Birth: 1687
Year of Death: 1727
Gender: m
Occupation: Franciscan; missionary
Occupation Classification: Members of a Religious Order (720); Priests, Preachers, Ministers, Rabbis (710)
Country: Philippines; Spain
Archive: South-East Asian Biographical Archive (SEABA)
Fiche Location: 350,143
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Gómez Platero
Short Title: Gómez Platero
Source Citation: Gómez Platero, Eusebio; Catálogo biográfico de los religiosos franciscanos: de la provincia de San Gregorio Magno de Filipinas desde 1577 en que llegaron los primeros á Manila hasta los de nuestros días / formado por Eusebio Gomez Platero. - Manila: Real colegio de Santo Tomás, 1880
Saur Document Number: O63961
Gale Document Number: DA3550065806

Name: Roche, Philip
Other Name(s): c.h. John Eustace
Year of Birth: 1693?
Year of Death: 1723
Gender: m
Occupation: pirate
Occupation Classification: Criminals, Pirates, Traitors (912)
Archive: British Biographical Archive (BBA)
Fiche Location: I 941,267-273;II 1739,225-232
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Johnson; Knapp/Baldwin; Gosse; Hayward
Short Title: Johnson
Source Citation: Johnson, Charles; The History of the Lives and Actions of the most Famous Highwaymen, Street-Robbers, &c. &c. &c.: to which is Added, a Genuine Account of the Voyages and Plunders of the most Noted Pirates / by Charles Johnson [pseud.]. - new ed. - Edinburgh [et al.]: Thomson [et al.], 1814
Short Title: Knapp/Baldwin
Source Citation: Knapp, Andrew; Baldwin, William; The New Newgate Calendar: Being Interesting Memoirs of Notorious Characters, who Have Been Convicted of Outrages on the Laws of England, During the Eighteenth Century, Brought Down to the Present Time / by Andrew Knapp and William Baldwin. - London: Robins [et al.], [1826?]. - 5 vols
Short Title: Gosse
Source Citation: Gosse, Philip; The Pirates' Who's Who: Giving Particulars of the Lives & Deaths of the Pirates & Buccaneers / by Philipp Gosse. - London: Dulau, 1924
Short Title: Hayward
Source Citation: Lives of the most Remarkable Criminals: who Have Been Condemned and Executed for Murder, the Highway, Housebreaking, Street Robberies, Coining or Other Offences, Collected from Original Papers and Authentic Memoirs, and Published in 1735 / edited by Arthur L. Hayward. - London: Routledge, 1927
Saur Document Number: B150384
Gale Document Number: DA3504257290

Name: La Roche, Jean-Baptiste de
Year of Birth: 1704
Year of Death: 1785
Gender: m
Occupation: Jesuit missionary
Occupation Classification: Members of a Religious Order (720)
Archive: Chinese Biographical Archive (CBA)
Fiche Location: 133,14-15
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Pfister L.
Short Title: Pfister L.
Source Citation: Pfister, Louis; Notices biographiques et bibliographiques sur les Jésuites de l'ancienne mission de Chine: 1552-1773 / par Louis Pfister. - Shanghai: Imprimerie de la Mission Catholique, 1932/1934. - 2 vols. - (Variétés Sinologiques N° 59, 60).
Saur Document Number: H20730
Gale Document Number: DA3530022753


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