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Friday, August 13, 2004

World Biographical Index

I got access to the World Biographical Information System and looked around for ROCHEs in India. I found four records -

Name: Roche-Grellier
Gender: m
Year Cited: 1883
Occupation: physician
Occupation Classification: General Practitioners (411)
Country: Haiti; France; West India
Archive: Scandinavian Biographical Archive (SBA)
Fiche Location: I A-269,385
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Carøe 1
Short Title: Carøe 1
Source Citation: Carøe, Kristian Frederik; Den danske Lægestand: 1. Doktorer og Licentiater, 1479-1788, 2. Kirurger eksaminerede ved Theatrum anatomichirurgicum, 1738-85, 3. Den danske Lægestand 1786-1838, 4. Læger 1838-1900 (Supplement til 7. Udgave), 5. Supplement til Bd. 1-4 ved J. W. S. Johnsson / ved Kristian Carøe. - København [et al.]: Gyldendal [et al.], 1904-1922. - 5 Bd.
Saur Document Number: C131904
Gale Document Number: DA3512116609

Name: Roche, William James
Year of Birth: 1865
Year of Death: 1948
Gender: m
Occupation: engineer
Occupation Classification: Technicians, Engineers (181)
Country: Ireland; India; New Zealand
Archive: Australasian Biographical Archive (ANZO-BA)
Fiche Location: 336,49-50
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Furkert
Short Title: Furkert
Source Citation: Furkert, Frederick William; Early New Zealand Engineers / by F.W. Furkert. Revised and edited by W. L. Newnham. - Wellington: Reed, 1953
Saur Document Number: N073-917-6
Gale Document Number: DA3520075907

Name: Roche, V.
Year of Birth: 1922
Gender: m
Occupation: public accountant; Indian community leader
Occupation Classification: Accountants (308); Politics: Others (329)
Country: Malaysia; India
Archive: South-East Asian Biographical Archive (SEABA)
Fiche Location: 350,144
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Leaders of Malaya
Short Title: Leaders of Malaya
Source Citation: The leaders of Malaya and who's who 1957-58 / edited and published by J. Victor Morais. - Kuala Lumpur: Morais, 1957
Saur Document Number: O63962
Gale Document Number: DA3550065807

Name: D'Costa, Roche Francis
Gender: m
Year Cited: 1947-1948
Occupation: medical practitioner
Occupation Classification: General Practitioners (411)
Country: Malaysia; India
Archive: South-East Asian Biographical Archive (SEABA)
Fiche Location: 93,269
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Medical practitioners
Short Title: Medical practitioners
Source Citation: Directory of information on medical practitioners in Malaysia / edited by Kuah Kim Boo. - 2 ed. - Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian Medical Ass, 1972
Saur Document Number: O16918
Gale Document Number: DA3550018790


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