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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Family History in India - 5

9. From the Indian Mutiny Medal - British Forces 1857-1859

SurnameGiven Names(s)RankRegiment or Ship
RoachDavidPrivate72nd Foot (Duke of Albany's Own Highlanders)
RoachDavidPrivate95th Foot (Derbyshire)
RoachEdwardPrivate1st Battalion 10th Foot (North Lincolnshire)
RoachEdwardPrivate88th Foot (Connaught Rangers)
RoachGeorgePrivate38th Foot (1st Staffordshire)
RoachHenryPrivate83rd Foot
RoachJamesPrivate1st Battalion 10th Foot (North Lincolnshire)
RoachJamesPrivate43rd Foot (Monmouthshire Light Infantry)
RoachJamesPrivate97th Foot (Earl of Ulster's)
RoachJamesPrivateCamel Corps
RoachJohnPrivate1st Battalion 10th Foot (North Lincolnshire)
RoachJohnSergeant1st Battalion 6th Foot (1st Warwickshire)
RoachJohnPrivate3rd Battalion Rifle Brigade
RoachJohnPrivate83rd Foot
RoachJohnPrivate83rd Foot
RoachMichaelBugler1st Battalion 60th Foot (King's Royal Rifle Corps)
RoachMichaelPrivate86th Foot (Royal County Down)
RoachPatrickPrivate86th Foot (Royal County Down)
RoachPeterPrivate1st Battalion 10th Foot (North Lincolnshire)
RoachRemmyPrivate73rd Foot
RoachSolomanPrivate74th Foot (Highland)
RoachWilliamPrivate75th Foot
RoachWilliamPrivate82nd Foot (Prince of Wales's Volunteers)
RoacheEdwardDrummer88th Foot (Connaught Rangers)
RoacheJamesPrivate1st Battalion 4th Foot (King's Own)
RoacheJamesPrivate64th Foot (2nd Staffordshire)
RoacheJohnPrivate35th Foot (Royal Sussex)
RoacheJohnPrivate64th Foot (2nd Staffordshire)
RocheCharles BoysePaymaster 34th Foot (Cumberland)
RocheJamesPrivate81st Foot (Loyal Lincoln Volunteers)
RocheJohnPrivate1st Battalion 8th Foot (The King's)
RocheLawrencePrivate61st Foot (South Gloustershire)
RocheMichaelPrivate32nd Foot (Cornwall)
RochePatrickPrivate61st Foot (South Gloustershire)
RocheWilliamPrivate1st Battalion 8th Foot (The King's)
RocheWilliamPrivate78th Foot (Highland)


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