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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Sacred Heart Grotto

The web site of the Sacred Heart Grotto, Alanthalai, Tamil Nadu mentions Bishop G.F.T.Roche.

Could he be the same person as Bishop Francesco Tiburzio Roche?

Quotes from the site -

In the meanwhile, Tuticorin was elevated to the status of Diocese in 1923 and the first Latin rite Bishop Msqr. G.F.T.Roche S.J. was installed. When the Bishop passed through in the tram way to Manapad, he was given a warm welcome by the villagers except a few standing little away from the station. Seeing the converts His Lordship said "I also pray for my brothers who are standing away from here so that the blessings of Almighty God may continue to increase on them also". This sincere prayer in appeal melted the hearts of those few and peace returned on 3.12.1924.

On 30th June, 1928 his Excellency Bishop G.F.T.Roche blessed and inaugurated the Grotto.

While addressing the gathering he said, "Although this is a symbol of peace. I say this is a Pillar of Boons and Graces" Yes.this is the Miraculous Golden Grotto. On this grotto stands the King of Kings, the King of peace with open heart and outstretched hands to embrace the millions who honour Him. This Grotto is a place of solace to the grief stricken, a treat to lovers of art, a throne of blessing to childless couples to be blessed with off springs, a comfort house for the afflicted, a refuge for sinners and broken hearted, a paradise for the devotees.

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Blogger ravi said...

Yes. Bishop Francesco Tiburzio Roche is the same as Gabriel Francis Tiburtius Roche.
- Ravichandran Fernando

9:25 AM  

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