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Monday, June 28, 2004

Roche Clan

eclecticscotland have a page on Roche. This is what it says -

The Roches originally came from Flanders, then emigrated to Pembrokeshire in Wales, before three of the family - David, Adam and Henry de la Roch - joined Strongbow in the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland in the 12th century. At Glanworth, near Fermoy in Co. Cork, can be seen the ruins of a Roche castle destroyed by Cromwellian forces in the 17th century. West of Glanworth is the attractive village of Castletownroche, which derives its name from another Roche settlement. A more complete Roche castle can be seen in Co. Wexford├│the Norman castle at Ferrycarrig, now the location of the Irish National Heritage Park. In all there are sixteen Rochestowns in Ireland and innumerable Roche castles.


Blogger Marc Pickering said...

I have been researching my Roche Ancestors. They came from Castletown Cork, immigrated to New Zealand. See note to my cousin Sharon who lives in NZL below.

Hi Sharon, on the 13 Feb 1991 a Len Dangerfield of NZL wrote a letter to Pat Greenslades (ne Roche) with information regarding the Roche immigration to NZL.
I have a copy of this letter and will translate the elements below.
Len Dangerfield lists his address as 64 Randwick Crescent Lower Hutt, NZL.
"I have found at National Archives what would appear to be your Roche family and their arrival in New Zealand".
This was old Pop Roche's parents, William Roche & Margaret Hartnett.

"Caroline" sailed 14 April 1874 arrived 12 July 1874 Otago NZL.
Roche William, 34, Cork, Farm Labourer; Margaret, 30; Mary 16 Servant; Bridget 14 Servant; Margaret 12 Servant; William 8; Kate 4; Ellen 11/12.

Our direct ancestors came from William 8 years above. Seems William and parents plus some of the other children (not sure which) came to Australia when William was about 16 or 18 years old (according to Uncle Jack)(but does not tally with death cert). William had trained as a Blacksmith in Melbourne and later worked in the Victorian Goldfields making & mending tools for the Miners. He also went to the Palmer River strike at the top end of Queensland. He came back about half way down Queensland to Mackay and worked as a Blacksmith in the Sugar Mills before finally establishing his own Cane farm at Finch Hatton's Gorge near Mackay.
It's possible that some of the other women did not come to Australia and stayed in NZL, perhaps married a New Zealander and then who knows....If you do find some detail I would really appreciate hearing from you.

I also have a copy of William Roche's Death Certificate. He Died on 24 Jan 1901 in Mackay District Hospital of Pneumonia, aged 68 yrs. Also states he was born in Castletown, Cork Ireland, lived in NZL for 18yrs, 8 yrs in Victoria and 1 yr in Queensland. Interestingly it states living family at time of death as "Mary 40, Bridgit 38, William 32, Ellen 28 and also lists but not named 3 x deceased Females plus 1 x deceased Male. This would seem to indicate that they had a further two children in NZL. The death certificate does not mention Margaret, but could be one of the deceased Females. The Maths does not tally with that of the arrival in NZL, this is not unusual though. Often the person providing data for the death cert is guessing or does not have the factual information at hand.


I have an extensive record of Australian Roches.
Are you interested in sharing data ?
Marc Pickering

6:30 PM  

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