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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

UK's National Archives: Wills

UK's National Archives is online and allows you to search for Wills - an important source for Genealogy.

The introduction of wills on the site gives information on what info can be gleamed from the Wills.

I searched for Roche in the period 1700 to 1800 and found more than 40 of them.

I searched for Mangalore (without the ROCHE) and found six of them:

1. Will of George Johnson, now belonging to the good Ship Bengal Merchant now riding in the Road of Mangalore on the Coast of East India 23 September 1689

2. Will of Thomas Nasbitt, Mariner now on board and belonging to the good Ship Bengal, Merchant now riding on the Road of Mangalore on the Coast of East India 30 August 1689

3. Will of James Welsh, Lieutenant 42nd Regiment of Foot at Mangalore but on Board the East India Merchant Ship King George 25 August 1786

4. Will of William Townley, Matross in the Royal Regiment of Artillery at Mangalore on the Malabar Coast of Gillingham, Kent 24 September 1802

5. Will of Godfrey Fetherstonhaugh of Mangalore Camp , East Indies 30 December 1785

6. Will of Anna Maria Walker, Widow of Mangalore , East Indies 05 August 1853


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