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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Convicts to Australia

The Convicts to Australia site contains information about convicts that were shipped to Australia and NSW from UK, Ireland and India.

A search for roche returned four results -

1. Marquis Cornwallis (ship)
(Convict Women to NSW 1788-1828 - Marquis Cornwallis 1796)
Name: Roche, Mary
Trial Place: Dublin
Date: 08/1794
Departed: IRELAND

2. Mariner
(Convict Women to NSW 1788-1828 - Mariner 1825)
Name: Roche, Hannah
Trial Place: Dublin City
Day: 22
Month: 05
Year: 1824
Departed: IRELAND

3. Phoebe Dunbar
(Western Australian Convicts - Phoebe Dunbar 1853)
Name: Roche, John
Reg. No.:2544
Term: 10y
Age: 23
Trial Place: Wexford
Day: 01
Month: 03
Year: 1850
Criminal Offence: Burglary

4. Ramillies
(Western Australian Convicts - Ramillies 1854)
Name: Roche, William
Reg. No.: 3070
Term: 10y
Age: 23
Trial Place: Cork
Date: 11
Month: 10
Year: 1848


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