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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Genealogy Data

I've been debating (with myself) for quite a while about the format in which I should store all my genealogical data. Right now my data is in many different formats - PAF, GEDCOM, text, doc, xls, notes on paper, xeroxes and printouts, images and some in xml (my own dtd).

What format to choose?

I'll have too look in detail what kind of data I store right now (and will in the future). Also will have to debate if I should use any of the existing format (whay? why not?)

I personally prefer a xml format, mainly 'coz I'm familiar with that field, can write xslt/code to view/manipulate the data and can just open the data in a text file and modify it.

I am also working on a classification scheme for the documents. Plan to generate/assign a unique id for each of the document (yep, in the xml format it would be the id of the root element) and also, possibly, for each section/part of the document. This way I can refer to the document as a whole as well as parts of the documents - while giving the source of any inferences and individual details.

From the documents I'll extract all the events mentioned (this will definitely be in xml format). So, we'll have a hierarchy -

Individual/Family -- Event -- Document

Each Individual/Family will have one ore more events associated with it.
Each event will be associated with one or more individual/family.
Each event will be documented in one or more documents.
Each document may document zero or more events.

The document could be a primary document (say the church registers) or a secondary document - in which case the primary document should, preferably, be identified.

An event could have a causal event (identified by its id) - for e.g. a burial event could have the causal event as the death event.

Each event will have details pertaining to it.


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