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Sunday, September 12, 2004

de la Roche family in SA

Found the genealogy pages of Cray Regis Bauxmont-Flynn.

Claudine de la Roche, born in South Africa on 29-Jan-1921, is his paternal grandmother.
Her father was George T. de la Roche, born 13-Mar-1866 in Pietermatriztburg, SA and died on 5-Mar-1938 at Koppies, SA. Her mother was Orah E. Courniert, born 20-Sept-1880 in Koppies, SA and died 01-Nov-1967 at Avignon, FR.

Claudine married Etienne A. H. Bauxmont II. He was born in Paris, FR on 3-Mar-1912 and died on 26-Mar-1981 in Paris, FR. Their son Francois A. E Bauxmont is Cray's father.

He has mentioned George's parents as Benjamin D. Roberts (Aug-1834 to c. 1900) and Sarah A. E. Huggard (Jun-1842 to 1880).


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