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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I had a look at the TANAP archives which contains Dutch East India Company Archives & Research.

In their respository of Resolutions of the Council of Policy of Cape of Good Hope (Cape Town Archives Repository, South Africa) found a few references to Roche.

I was specifically looking for any records of Capt. David Roche who was attacked there by Lieut. Ferguson on his way to India in 1772-3. I didn't find any reference to it - or didn't understand it due to the language used in the documents.

Make sure that you read the introduction before reading any of the documents. You may like to look at an example of a Council meeting and an explanation of the structure of Council meeting minutes. The origin of the text and the language of the Resolutions and also consult the glossary to decipher unfamiliar words in the 17th and 18th century Dutch texts .

Here are the Roche referenced in the documents -

Monsr. la Roche
in C. 2, pp. 177-181, Woonsdag den 2en Meert 1661.

Jan de la roche
in C. 76, pp. 104-108, Dingsdag den 11e Maart 1727, voormiddags.

Louisa de la roche
in C. 108, pp. 32-34, Saturdag den 30 Augustus 1738, voormiddags.

Captain la Roche
in C. 159, pp. 377 – 383, K.A., Woensdag den 6: Júnij 1781 as Capitain Heer Chevallier roche.
in C. 159, pp. 384 – 387, K.A., Satúrdag den 16 Júnij 1781 as Mons Roche.
in C. 163, pp. 102 – 125, K.A., Dingsdag den 27: aúg:s 1782 as Chev roche.
in C. 177, pp. 161-204., Dingsdag den 5 febr: 1788. as Capitain la roche.

Major de Bas en la roche
(possibly the same person as above)
in C. 177, pp. 213-248., Donderdag den 14 februarij 1788 as Major de Bas en la roche.
in C. 177, pp. 403-410., Maandag den 24 Maart 1788 as Mrs de Bas & la roche.
in C. 178, pp. 36-56., Dingsdag den 15 April 1788 as de Bas en la roche.
in C. 177, pp. 249-287., Dingsdag den 19 febr: 1788 as Major la roche and De Bas Chev de la roche.
in C. 177, pp. 364-402., Dingsdag den 18 Maart 1788 as Maj Chevalier de la roche, De Bas Chev de la roche and Chevalier de la roche.

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