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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Family History in India

I went to Cathy Day's Family History in India site and found that a lot of information has been added since my last visit.

Here are the ROCHEs mentioned in the site -

1. From the Index to Calcutta Marriages 1713-1800.

Groom: Roche, Edward
Bride: "Domingo"
Year: 1752
Folio: N/1/1/382

2. From the Ecclesiastical Officers in Hart's Army List - 1873

Name of Minister: Andrew William Roche QUINLAN
Qualification: MA
Level: Junior Chaplain
Year of Appointment: 1868
Presidency: Bengal
Location: Howrah

3. From the Madras Army Recruit Embarkation List for HEICS Minerva
Gravesend to Madras 12th May - 24th August 1827 (L/MIL/9/77 & L/MIL/9/100)

Recruited: Artillery
Christian: Danl
Surname: Roche
Rank: Soldier
Age: 19
Ft.: 5
Ins.: 7ΒΌ
Enlistment: 22-Jan-1827
Occupation: Labourer
Town: Ballinspittle
County: Cork
Country: England
Enlisted: Cork
Period: Unlimited
Remark: Wife, Margaret

4. From the British Army Casualty List 2nd Afghan War 1878-1880

Rank: Lieutenant
Surname: Thackwell
Given Names: Colquhoun Grant Roche
Unit: 51st Foot
Nature of Casualty: Severe Wound
Place of Casualty: near Pezwan
Date of Casualty: 30-06-1880

5. From the Medical Officers in Hart's Army List - 1873

Name of Officer: William Roche RICE, MD
Rank: Surgeon
Commission: 20 Nov 1856
Seniority: 20 Nov 1868
Presidency: Bengal
Other Information: Civil, Jubbulpore, 20 Jan 1865


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