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Monday, June 27, 2005

Col. John Finnis

Recently got a mail from John. He is related to Col. John Finnis - through John Finnis & Elizabeth Wilmott, Great-Uncle of Col. Finnis. Col. John Finnis was one of the first casualty of the 1857 mutiny/revolt in India.

Co. Finnis's wife was Sarah Roche. Sarah's father was Robert Roche and mother was Margaretha Louisa Plusker - they married on 31st May 1809 at Chinsura (in Bengal, India).

Margaretha Louisa Plusker was the youngest daughter of Dr Jacob Plusker.

Robert Roche's parents where Peter Roche and Elizabeth. Robert was born in Rotterdam, Holland on 1st Aug 1787 and died at Chinsura on 14th Dec 1820.

John Finnis was born on 28th Jan 1804 at Hythe, Kent to Robert Finnis. Stephen Finnis (29th Native Infantry) and Thomas Quested Finnis (Lord Mayor of London, 1857) were his brothers.

He married Sarah Bridgetta Dorothea Roche on 2nd Jan 1838 at Dholi (in Bihar & Orissa). Sarah died on 16th Aug 1890 - aged 72.

From John, I got a link to a Finnis web site maintained by Anthony Mercer Finnis - which has Sarah listed. But the details in the site do not match up properly.

So she was probably born around 1818 - based on age at death. The site lists her birth as ca. 1808. Also, her parent married in 1809 ... and she married in 1838 ... so I would lean more toward the 1818 date ...

The site states that she was born in Hythe, Kent. Not sure if she was born in Kent - since her parents were from Holland, so I don't see a reason for her to be born there. She was probably born somewhere in bengal.

But if its the same person - I now know her progeny. The site lists nine children - five boys and four girls.

Also Col. John Finnis's parents are listed as Robert FINNIS (1754-1832) & Elizabeth QUESTED (1762-1839). That would explain his brother's - Thomas Quested Finnis - name.

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