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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Mangalore Roche

I did a search for mangalore roche on google and found quite a few hits.

1. Florine Roche is mentioned in deccan herald. She is the Programme Staff Association of All India Radio & Doordarshan unit secretary.

2. Austin Roche is mentioned in konkandaiz. He is mentioned as the Konkani Catholic Associations' Union president - possibly for Bangalore.

3. Rosy Regina Roche is mentioned as the owner of Konkan Tea Traders.

4. Elizabeth Roche is mentioned as a teacher in the news article on konkandaiz.

5. Dominic Roche is mentioned in the Vidya Niketan/Formation House, Mysore site [Google Cache].

On March, 1974 the Regional Fr. George Muthanatt, Fr. J. Puthumana and Frater Carlo arrived in Mysore to take possession of the two houses. Fr. Anthony Furtado, the first Rector arrived on June 11th, 1974. In July, 1974 the First batch of juniors from Palda were welcomed by the rector for their graduation studies in Mysore. Ambunathan, N.P. Anto, J. Antony Joseph, T. Bausally, K.M.Chako, P.T.Christuraj, Dominic Roche, Edward Sequira, Edwin Vas, Emmanuel, P. Gaspar, Raja A, Joseph Pereira, Lazar G, Ligoury Mendonca, Lourdusamy S., Mathew K.M., Michael C.J., Philip. P.P., Sandanam K, Sunny George, Varkey V.V., etc., were the first batch students.

6. Abundius Roche is mentioned by Dr. Gabriel Fernandes in as a role model.

"Beside my mother as a role model for hard work, Mr. Abundius Roche, a neighbor, who was a hard working self made farmer, also set an example that dedicated hard work (18 hours a day) gives ample rewards. My success later was meeting right people, and always working hard"

7. V. L. Roche. There is an article on him at barkuronline.
"The ‘Roche clan’ of Moodahadu, Barkur, always had their crystal clear imprints in social work for years together, starting from elderly late Mr Isaac Roche. The present President of St. Peters Association Barkur- Bombay, Mr Henry Roche, the well-known Capuchin Priest Rev. Fr. Alfred Roche, the National High School, Barkur, Teacher of yester years Mr Heddhu Roche, Secretary of St Peter’s Barkurian’s Association of Bombay of 1950s Mr Louis Roche etc etc….. to mention a few of them.

One of the greatest among them may be Mr V.L.Roche – the personality of the month - in our ‘Amchen Barkur’ web-site, an educationist in its true sense, and a successful civil and engineering works contractor, most deserved man to be conferred the prestigious and highest Rotary honour - Paul Harries Fellow !!!."

8. Roche Mining Mt. India Private Limited mentioned in indiamart.
Manufacturers and exporters of mining equipments.
Address: Vytilla, Vrindavan Apartments, 406 F, Cochin - 682 019, India
Phone: +(91)-(484)-2389097 Fax: +(91)-(484)-2389506

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Claremont Family

Stumbled across the site mentioning the Claremont Family.

Rhys Claremont was with the Basel mission in Mangalore. His son David Claremont (1891-93?) was the Lighthouse Superintendent of Mangalore, Lighthouse Superintendent of Tuticorin. He married Susan Bangara.

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Monday, October 11, 2004

History Of The Mackenzies

The book History Of The Mackenzies, by Alexander Mackenzie, published 1879, talks about the daughter of John Roche, Baron of Fermoy.

to quote:
X. JOHN FITZ THOMAS FITZ GERALD, sixth Baron Offaly, and first
Earl of Kildare. From him, by his wife Blanche, daughter of John
Roche, Baron of Fermoy, are descended the present Duke of Leinster and
other Irish Fitzgeralds. He died on the 10th November, 1316.

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Philip Roche - the Pirate

The life of Philip Roche - the Pirate, is given in the book - Lives of the Most Remarkable Criminals Who have been Condemned and Executed for Murder, the Highway, Housebreaking, Street Robberies, Coining or other offences - by Hayward, Arthur L.., published in 1735.

Philip Roche was a pirate and was executed on 14th August 1723, aged around thirty.

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Paul de la Roche

Paul delaroche was a French painter. He is mentioned in the book - The Nuttall Encyclopaedia [text available via Gutenburg], published in 1907.

It states, about him:

Delaroche, Paul, a French historical painter and one of the greatest, born in Paris; was the head of the modern Eclectic school, so called as holding a middle place between the Classical and Romantic schools of art; among his early works were "St. Vincent de Paul preaching before Louis XIII." and "Joan of Arc before Cardinal Beaufort"; the subjects of his latest pictures are from history, English and French, such as "The Princes in the Tower" and "Cromwell contemplating the corpse of Charles I.," a great work; but the grandest monument of his art is the group of paintings with which he adorned the wall of the semicircle of the Palais des Beaux Arts in Paris, which he completed in 1841 (1797-1856).

It also talks of two of his students:

Gérôme, Léon, a celebrated French painter, born at Vésoul; he studied at Paris under Paul Delaroche, with whom he subsequently travelled in Italy; he travelled in the East and familiarised himself with Eastern scenes; in 1863 he was appointed professor of Painting in the Paris School of Fine Arts; among his most famous pictures, all characterised by vivid colouring and strong dramatic effect, are "The Age of Augustus and the Birth of Christ," "Roman Gladiators in the Amphitheatre," "Cleopatra and Cæsar," &c.; b. 1824.

Millet, Jean François, French painter of French peasant life, born near Greville, of a peasant family; sent to Paris, studied under Paul Delaroche, withdrew into rustic life, and took up his abode at the village of Barbizon, near the Forest of Fontainebleau, where he spent as a peasant the rest of his life, honoured though poor by all his neighbours, and produced inimitable pictures of French country life, completing his famous "Sower," and treating such subjects as the "Gleaners," the "Sheep-Shearers," "Shepherdess and Flock," &c., with an evident appreciation on his part of the life they depicted so faithfully (1814-1875).

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Recollections of Calcutta for over Half a Century

Project Gutenberg has this book Recollections of Calcutta for over Half a Century available online. Its written by Montague Massey, published in 1918. It mainly describes the tranformation of Calcutta since his first arrival to Calcutta in the 1860s.

It contains lots of photographs of many landmark in Calcutta.

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