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Monday, July 12, 2004

Record Linkage in Genealogy

Record Linkage in Genealogy

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Genealogy Data

I've been debating (with myself) for quite a while about the format in which I should store all my genealogical data. Right now my data is in many different formats - PAF, GEDCOM, text, doc, xls, notes on paper, xeroxes and printouts, images and some in xml (my own dtd).

What format to choose?

I'll have too look in detail what kind of data I store right now (and will in the future). Also will have to debate if I should use any of the existing format (whay? why not?)

I personally prefer a xml format, mainly 'coz I'm familiar with that field, can write xslt/code to view/manipulate the data and can just open the data in a text file and modify it.

I am also working on a classification scheme for the documents. Plan to generate/assign a unique id for each of the document (yep, in the xml format it would be the id of the root element) and also, possibly, for each section/part of the document. This way I can refer to the document as a whole as well as parts of the documents - while giving the source of any inferences and individual details.

From the documents I'll extract all the events mentioned (this will definitely be in xml format). So, we'll have a hierarchy -

Individual/Family -- Event -- Document

Each Individual/Family will have one ore more events associated with it.
Each event will be associated with one or more individual/family.
Each event will be documented in one or more documents.
Each document may document zero or more events.

The document could be a primary document (say the church registers) or a secondary document - in which case the primary document should, preferably, be identified.

An event could have a causal event (identified by its id) - for e.g. a burial event could have the causal event as the death event.

Each event will have details pertaining to it.

Convicts to Australia

The Convicts to Australia site contains information about convicts that were shipped to Australia and NSW from UK, Ireland and India.

A search for roche returned four results -

1. Marquis Cornwallis (ship)
(Convict Women to NSW 1788-1828 - Marquis Cornwallis 1796)
Name: Roche, Mary
Trial Place: Dublin
Date: 08/1794
Departed: IRELAND

2. Mariner
(Convict Women to NSW 1788-1828 - Mariner 1825)
Name: Roche, Hannah
Trial Place: Dublin City
Day: 22
Month: 05
Year: 1824
Departed: IRELAND

3. Phoebe Dunbar
(Western Australian Convicts - Phoebe Dunbar 1853)
Name: Roche, John
Reg. No.:2544
Term: 10y
Age: 23
Trial Place: Wexford
Day: 01
Month: 03
Year: 1850
Criminal Offence: Burglary

4. Ramillies
(Western Australian Convicts - Ramillies 1854)
Name: Roche, William
Reg. No.: 3070
Term: 10y
Age: 23
Trial Place: Cork
Date: 11
Month: 10
Year: 1848

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Gertrude Bell's India Trip (1902/3)

The Newcastle University Library's Gertrude Bell Project contains trascribed records of Gertrude Bell- this includes diary entries, Letters, and Photographs.

Gertrude Bell (1868-1926) was born in Washington, in what was then Co. Durham, but, when she was very young, she moved with her family to Redcar. She travelled to India between December 1902 and March 1903.

Letters she wrote during that period -

1. Friday. [12 December 1902] We've arrived
2. Saturday. [13 Decembe 1902] India does make a noise in the morning! (2-liner)
3. [16 December 1902] Tuesday 16. In the train.
4. [22 December 1902] Jeypore [Jaipur]. Tuesday 22nd
5. Agra. Xmas Day. [25 December 1902]
6. [31 December 1902] Delhi Durbar.
7. Jan. 1st. [1 January 1902] We put on our best clothes and started off at 9 for a 4 miles' drive to the Durbar horseshoe.
8. [2 January 1903] Jan 2. 1st Visitor's Camp. Delhi.
9. Sat. 3rd. [3 January 1903] Mr Landon came to breakfast
10. Monday 4 [i.e. 5] [5 January 1903] We had a delightful day.
11. Tues 5 [i.e. 6]. [6 January 1903] This morning I watched a most interesting function.
12. [12 January 1903] Oudeypore (or Udaipur is I see the official spelling).
13. Tuesday. [13 January 1903] This morning our prancing horses took us to the Maharana's palace
14. Wed. [14 January 1903] We made an expedition today to some temples
15. [18 January 1903] Sunday Jan 18th. In the train from Alwar to Delhi.
16. Lahore Monday 19th. [19 January 1903] We got to Delhi at 3
17. [23 January 1903] Peshawar Friday Jan. 23.
18. Sat 24. [24 January 1903] Today we raided a bit of the Amir's country
19. Sun. 25. [25 January 1903] We are back again in Peshawar
20. Monday 26. [26 January 1903] We've had the social day
21. Tuesday 27. [27 January 1903] Well, we've been up the Khyber in gorgeous weather.
22. Wed 28. [28 January 1903] Hugo had for a travelling companion
23. [11 February 1903] Calcutta.
24. [14 February 1903] Darjeeling [Darjiling], Woodlands Hotel Feb 14.
25. Sunday Feb 15. [15 February 1903] Tangloo. 10,074 ft. up.
26. Feb 16. [16 February 1903] This morning, when we got up at 6.30
27. Tues 17. I woke at dawn and looked out and saw Kinchinjunga [Kangchenjunga] wonderfully close.
28. [22 February 1903] S.S. Tara. Bay of Bengal. Sunday Feb 22.
29. [25 February 1903] In the train. Wed.
30. [2 March 1903] On the Irrawaddy

Wow! She was a prolific writer!

She also has a lot of Diary entries for that period -
1. Dec 1902
2. Jan 1903
3. Feb 1903
4. Mar 1903

There are several references to a Charlotte Roche in this archive along with a few photographs.

Friday, July 09, 2004

The British Library - Images

The British Library has its images, from its book collection, online.

On searching for Roche, I found one record -

Record Number: 21284
Shelfmark: C.32.h.14
Page Folio Number: opposite 52
Title of Image: Roche Brasiliano
Description: Roche Brasiliano. Dutch Buccaneer, active during the 1670s. Portrait.
Title of Work: Bucaniers of America: or, a true account of the ... assaults committed ... upon the coasts of the West Indies by the Bucaniers of Jamaica and Tortuga ... especially, the ... exploits of Sir H. Morgan ... written originally in Dutch, by J. [or rather A. O.] Esquemelin ... now ... rendred into English.
Author: Exquemelin, Alexander Olivier
Production: W. Crooke: London, 1684-85
Language/Script: English

The image shows a person holding a sword. The title, below the picture, reads "ROCK BRASILIANO"

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Surname Distribution analysis

Found this Surname Distribution analysis site from the Ashton site. It allows you to generate a plot of the distribution against the map for UK and US.

The UK distribution is based off 1881 census - you need to extract the data from the LDS 1881 Census National Index and feed it to the site. You can also download the application to work on it locally.

The US distribution is based off the 1880 census - again yuo need to extract the data from the LDS 1880 Census National Index and feed it to the site (or use teh aggregation program).

More Genealogy Sites (Family)

Here are two more family genealogy sites:

1. The Winter family of Sri Lanka
Talks of the family/descendents of Sir William Winter, Surveyor of the Navy to Elizabeth I and of Rev. Charles Henry Winter.

2. The Ashton family

Both the sites take the narrative approach. The latter site has the narrative in pdf format.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Posted message on genforum

Posted the message on genforum too - in the Roche Family Genealogy Forum.

Also posted the message on the India Genealogy Forum.

Posted message on Rootsweb

Posted a message on the Rootsweb bb for the Roche surname -

Subject: Researching the ROCHE family in India
Date: 7 Jul 2004 9:10 PM GMT
Surnames: Roche
Classification: Query


I am researching the ROCHE family in India. I am especially interested in the family in Southern India, but am currently researching the family throughout the sub-continent.

If you need information on the ROCHE family in India you may write to me; and if you have any information to share, I'll be glad to hear about it.

Conrad Roche

Also posted the message on the bb for the "Locality" India.

Old Indian Photographs

The Smithsonian has a collection of early Indian Photographs (from 1840 to 1911) online - India through the Lens: Photography 1840-1911. has an article on Photography in India: The Early Years

Newspapers online

The Times is no longer available free now. Should have researched more on that site before the trial period expired :(

Was searching around and found the Internet Public Library from our local public library. It has a section for newspapers which lists many online newspapers for various countries - even for India. But this is current news, not past....

Monday, July 05, 2004

The Mathematics Genealogy Project

The Mathematics Genealogy Project is a service of the Department of Mathematics, North Dakota State University. It aims to document all known Mathematicians.

A search for Roche's on this database yielded a few persons - all in the last 100 years.

John Edward Roche
Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin 1956
Dissertation: The Application of Certain Non-Parametric tests to Business Problems
Advisor: John Stockton

Peter La Roche
Ph.D. Cornell University 1978
Dissertation: Contributions to Recursive Algebra
Advisor: Anil Nerode

Claude Andre Roche
Ph.D. Université Scientifique et Médiacale de Grenoble (University of Grenoble) 1982
Dissertation: Cohomologie relative dans le domaine reel.
Advisor: Ivan Kupka

Karen Jean Bandeen-Roche
Ph.D. Cornell University 1990
Dissertation: A Receptor-Based Model for the Statistical Analysis of Air Pollution Data: Source Apportionment with One Source Unknown
Advisor: David Ruppert

Alan Joseph Roche
Ph.D. The University of Chicago 1996
Dissertation: Types and Hecke Algebras for Principal Series Representations of Split Reductive p-adic Groups
Advisor: Philip Kutzko

University of Birmingham - archives and manuscripts collection - Mangalore

There are a few documents in this collection that have references to Mangalore.
All the records are from the same repository - University of Birmingham Information Services, Special Collections Department, Main Library, Edgbaston Campus

1. Menge, Rev. Charles Caesar,
Date: 1836-1869
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I3 O52/1-154
Extent: 154 docs.
/86 Includes [appendix] brief account of baptism of three Brahmins at Mangalore Jan 1844;

2. Leupolt, Rev. Charles Benjamin
Date: 1832-1872
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I1 O177
Extent: 169 docs.
/142 Describes visit to SPG missions at Tanjore and Trichinopoly and the American mission at Madura, Jan 1865; describes visit to temple of Minachi at Madura 31 Jan 1865; also Tinnevelly district, Palamcotta, Paneivillei, Nazareth, Mangnanapuram, London Missionary Society missions in Travancore, Neyoor, Trivandrum, Cottayam, Mangalore, Tillicheri and Madras 1865;

3. Miscellaneous letters to headquarters
Date: 1820-1876
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I2 O13
Extent: 31 docs.
/11 Findlay Anderson: Mangalore: sends to Dandeson Coates copy of letter to Dr. Hoffman, Basel Evangelical Missionary Society relating to establishment by subscription of English school for Hindus at Mangalore: CMS to hope to provide a schoolmaster 1841;

4. Hebich, Rev. Samuel
Date: 1834-1846
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I2 O118
Extent: 20 docs.
Basle Evangelical Missionary Society: Mangalore 1834-1841; Cannanore 1841-1846 /1-20 Letters 1834-46 mainly dealing with bills drawn on CMS including: /4 Includes reference to Mr. Findlay Anderson 1836; /20B Specification of bills drawn Nov 1845 - Oct 1846

5. Moegling, H.
Date: 1836-1859
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I2 O166
Extent: 3 docs.
Basle Evangelical Missionary Society: Mangalore 1836-1857: Anandapura, Coorg mission 1858-1859 /1-2 Letters 1836, 1859; /3 Meeting at Mangalore to celebrate jubilee of CMS 1848

6. Sullivan, J.
Date: 1834
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I2 O239
Extent: 2 docs.
/1-2 Letters 1834: /1 Includes reference to possible difficulties of Germans arriving at Calicut as licence from East India Company only applied to British subjects [J. C. Leihner, S. Hebich, C. I. Gruner, opening German Missionary Society (Basle) station at Mangalore, Canara coast] 1834; /2 Includes reference to need of missionary in Calicut 1834

7. Tucker, Rev. John
Date: 1833-1847
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I2 O253
Extent: 295 docs.
/54/1-44 Papers received 19 Jan 1837 mainly relating to Rhenius including: /24 Letter from Findlay Anderson, Mangalore 1836;
/136/1-4 Papers received 26 Jan 1841 including: /3 Circular from Samuel Hebich, C. Greiner, H. Moegling and G. E. Sutter, Basle Evangelical Missionary Society: relating to missions in Mangalore, Dharwar, Hoobly and Tellicherry [printed] 1840;

8. Carr, Thomas [1837-1851]
Date: 1838-1850
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I3 O4A/1-22
Extent: 22 docs.
/21 Note of commendation from John Rowlandson, domestic chaplain, Mangalore, relating to Daji Pandurang and James Buntur following ordination as deacons by bishop of Bombay 1850;

9. Jeffreys, Rev. Henry
Date: 1834-1849
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I3 O41/1-40
Extent: 40 docs.
/18 Copy of letter to Rev. Samuel Hebich, Basle missionary in Canara reference to their missions at Mangalore and Darwar 1836;

10. Kharsedji, Sorabji
Date: 1850-1860
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I3 O46/1-5
Extent: 5 docs.
Catechist: Nasik 1849; Malegaon 1850; Bombay 1853; Nasik 1854; Sharanpur 1854-1861 /1-3 Journals 1850-52: /1 Journal of tour with Rev. Edward Rogers 5 Nov 1849 - [end missing]; /2 23 Oct 1850 - 5 Feb 1851; /3 Short notice of a tour toward the coasts [Mangalore] [with Rev. C. W. Isenberg] 1-17 Jan 1852; /4 Report 1854; /5 Annual letter for 1860 [also covering 1854-60]

Sunday, July 04, 2004

University of Birmingham - archives and manuscripts collection

The University of Birmingham - archives and manuscripts collection catalogue is online. This includes collection held on three sites across three campuses - Special Collections Department, Main Library, Edgbaston Campus, Orchard Learning Resources Centre, Selly Oak Campus and Shakespeare Institute Library, Stratford-Upon-Avon.

I looked for any Roche in the search page; there were 14 records - all of them in the same repository - University of Birmingham Information Services, Special Collections Department, Main Library, Edgbaston Campus.

Rev. Benedict La Roche

1. Correspondence and journals: 2 March 1818 - 4 April 1820
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I1 E2
Extent: 1 file
Description: Includes: Letters from Josiah Pratt and Edward Bickersteth; from missionaries J. Adlington, W. Deerr, W. Greenwood, J. A. Jetter, B. la Roche, T. Morris, J. Perowne, D. Schmid and F. C. G. Schroeter; minutes of Calcutta Corresponding Committee and letters from T. Thomason (mission secretary), D. Corrie, H. Fisher and D. Wilson; letters from Capt. J. P. Griffith, Lieut. Stewart, C. Coleman, J. Cumming, T. Jones, J. Traill and J. Narian Ghopaul; journals of W. Bowley

2. Letter from Rev. Benedict La Roche to Pratt: 31 January 1819: Portsmouth
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I1 E2/43
Extent: 1 doc.
Description: Asks for Hindustani and Sanskrit grammars and dictionaries for the nine missionaries on board, also for Russian leather and bookbinding materials for the printing shops at Benares and Garden Reach; all are well on board, except that Miss Perowne suffers from headache, and the passengers show interest in the missionary cause

3. Letter from Secretary to Thomason: 16 April 1819: London
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I1 E2/62
Extent: 1 doc.
Description: Includes: Hopes to send two printers and a second printing-press of improved type, also materials in Oct; is sending two Lutheran missionaries from the Basel seminary to help in education - Rev. John Andrew Jetter and Rev. William Deerr; they are under the direction of the Calcutta Committee; hopes Rev. Benedict La Roche now studying oriental languages in Paris will come to Calcutta in the autumn [copy]

4. Letter from Secretary to Corrie: 29 September 1819: London
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I1 E2/79
Extent: 1 doc.
Description: Is thankful for the bishop's plan to use the £5000 voted him by SPG in founding a mission college at Calcutta; SPCK thereupon voted him £5000 and CMS a further £5000 to be given through the Calcutta Corresponding Committee; Registers and Reports will be sent to C. as a friendly token and the London Committee would like to help in replacing his lost books; Committee is cheered by the good report of Greenwood and would like news of Abdul; Rev. Benedict La Roche, a well-educated young Lutheran who has studied Arabic and Persian and is now beginning Sanskrit and Bengali under Lee at Cambridge, will be coming to India with Rev. John Perowne, an Anglican, formerly a printer and also of good education, and a young man, Brown, who has long worked for the CMS printer Watts; hopes to send the party by Christmas, with the types and presses; loss of the 'Paragon' entails the loss of many CMS publications en route for Calcutta; as many as possible will be replaced; the idols sent by the 'Ganges' have arrived, after some delay in getting them exempt from customs dues; "we got them to this House yeaterday, and have ranged them in the yard, as we are afraid of our floors if we give them an inside lodging. They were reckoned in point of freight at six tons, but we find them less than two" [copy]

5. Letter from Secretaries to Thomason: 21 January 1820: London
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I1 E2/86
Extent: 1 doc.
Description: Acknowledges letters; reports of mission are very pleasing; anxious lest exclusion of teaching of scripture in early education at Burdwan schools should prejudice its inclusion later, but trust to Committee's wisdom and local knowledge; Schmid's interest in his work on the tract on ecclesiastical history must be checked, the Committee do not agree to his being attached to the Female Orphan Asylum; he must spend more time in direct missionary work; Mr. La Roche, Mr. Perowne and Mr. Brown, the printer, are being sent by the Committee for work at Benares; La Roche, although intellectually very capable, is still in need of spiritual instruction; Perowne was trained as a printer and he and his wife have made good progress in their training at Norwich; Mr. Brown has been working under the CMS printer, Mr. Watts; although trained as a pressman he is now acquainted with all aspects of the work and should be capable of directing a printing-works; more printing materials are being sent; for the press at Calcutta local help may possibly be obtained; Thomas Morris has spent three years as curate of Bedminster, near Bristol; Abadullah, who left India as a sailor, has arrived in England, but will have to return; in view of the growth of mission work it would be too costly to equip every mission station with a library; there should be a good library at Calcutta for the use of the mission generally and this should contain all standard works of missionary interest; the local stations should be supplied with a collection of books used frequently by the missionaries; in addition each missionary should have an individual set of such books as 'Scott's Bible', lexicons etc.; lists of books needed should be sent to London each Michaelmas; points out that copyists are sometimes inaccurate owing to lack of knowledge of English, which makes the despatches difficult to decipher [copy]

6. Corrie, Rev. Daniel
Date: 1815-1834
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I1 O76
Extent: 207 docs.
Secretary of Corresponding Committee 1820-1834: Calcutta 1815-1834 /1-133 Letters 1820-1834 including: /2 Relates to Bishop's College [Calcutta] 1820; /5 Reference to Rev. Robertson bringing to England painting of Abdul Masih 1820; /6 Includes reference to Abdul Masih 1820; /7 Relates to Mr. Deerr and Mr. La Roche and difficulties with German missionaries 1820; /12 Includes list of books printed at CM Press 1820; /15 Relates to Mr. La Roche 1821; /17 Includes reference to Mr. Adlington 1821; /30A-B Relate to death of bishop of Calcutta including [/30B] detailed assessment of character etc. 1822; /34 Includes reference to Mr. Peters, formerly a Baptist missionary 1822; /40-43 Relate to Rev. W. H. Mill and Rev. J. Hawtayne's attack on Calcutta Corresponding Committee, with correspondence 1823; /46-47 Relate to merger of Calcutta Corresponding Committee into CMS Auxiliary Society, and relating to property 1823; /49 Relates to mission church Calcutta 1823; /60 Includes reference to Abdul Masih and Mr. Bowley's episcopal ordination 1825; /64 [Beginning missing]; /65-66 Includes copy of letter from J. W. Doran relating to death of Bishop Heber 1826; /70 Relates to Syrian Christians 1826; /73 Relates to Bishop's College, with note by F. Goode 1826; /80 Relates to grants to Bishop's College 1827; /88, 100, 102 Relate to Wilson, Reichardt and Steward 1827-1828; /130 Has note relating to finance by C. J. D. Murray 1833; /134 Brief report of visit to Delhi, Meerut, Chunar, Benares and Buxar 1825; /135-137 Reports of visits to Burdwan 1827-1828; /138 Letter to W. Bannister, Secretary of Madras Corresponding Committee 1827; /139 Letter to bishop of Calcutta 1824; /140-144 Letters to G. W. Crauford, Secretary of Corresponding Committee 1824; /145 Letter to R. Hamilton 1827 /146 Letter to E. A. Newton relating to finance 1824; /147 Letter to T. Thomason relating to bishop's wishes concerning Bhagalpur 1824 /148A Letter from Rev. H. S. Fisher, including reference to Anand Masih [incomplete: end only] 1827; /148B Letter from A. Hampton applying for employment by CMS, with note by Rev. G. W. Crauford of Allahabad 1828; /149 Letter from Rev. John Irving, chaplain at Agra 1824; /150 Letter from Rev. William Parish of Kurnaul 1828; /151 Letter from Colonel W. S. Whish of Kurnaul 1827; /152-200 Papers as Secretary of Corresponding Commmittee, comprising correspondence, circulars, copies and drafts of committee papers including: /152 Copies of correspondence relating to Rev. William Greenwood 1815-1828; /153 Correspondence with Rev. D. Schmid 1820; /154-155 Relate to Rev. C. G. Schroeter's Tibetan papers (dictionary, grammar, treatises etc.) 1820; /156 Extract of letter from Henry Money relating to visit to Chunar 1820; /158 Correspondence with Lutheran missionaries relating to their use of the Anglican formularies 1821; /160, 172 Relate to Benares school 1821, 1826; /161-162, 171, 191 Account of work by Rev. William Deerr 1821-1822, 1826, 1828; /163, 167 Relate to Rev. Isaac Wilson 1822, 1824; /164 Extract from proceedings 5 Apr 1823 relating to Mr. Wilson and Miss Cooke; /168 Relates to Nilgherry Hills project 1824; /173 Including ground plan of proposed church, house and school at Buxar 1826; /183 Copies of correspondence with Rev. J. Steward of Calcutta 1827; /184-188 Correspondence and proceedings relating to Wilson, Reichardt and Steward 1828 [/184 is duplicate of /186]; /195 Relates to John Moore 1829; /196-197 Report by Rev. M. Wilkinson (Gorakhpur) 1829; /201 Petition to Corrie from parents and friends of boys relating to proposed plan for establishment of school for sons of missionaries: dated Calcutta: [51 signatures] 1826; /202 Memorandum on native female education [printed] 1822; /203 Native female education: proposal for a central school [printed] 1823; /204 Extract of letter from Mrs. Corrie relating to visit to Benares, Chunar and Mirzapore [few details] 1824; /205 Report of examination of Burdwan schools by Corrie and Major Phipps 1822; /206 Account of hill people of Bhagalpur [including customs] 1824; /207 Report by Corrie [draft: ?report to Corresponding Committee] 1826

7. La Roche, Rev Benedict
Date: 1821
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I1 O172
Extent: 1 doc.
Description: /1 Letter from Dr. A. F. Ramsay from Gravesend, reporting death of Benedict La Roche 1821

8. Schroeter, Rev. Frederic Christian Gotthelf
Date: 1820-1821
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I1 O257
Extent: 3 docs.
Description: Titalya, Bengal /1-2 Letters relating to work on compilation of Tibetan dictionary 1820; /1 includes reference to need for medical knowledge among German missionaries in Sierra Leone 1820; /3 Letter from Lord Hastings to Lord Gambier, CMS President, relating to Schroeter's death and appointment of Mr. La Roche to continue his work 1821

9. Ridsdale, Rev. James
Date: 1820-1830
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C I2 O201
Extent: 17 docs.
Description: Madras 1820-1830 /1-10 Letters 1820-23, 1826-28 including: /1 Relating to voyage: signed by Ridsdale, Benedict la Roche, Thomas Morris and John Perowne 1820; /3A-B Order for books and stores [with duplicate] 1821; /5 Acknowledges arrival of printing-press 1823; /8 Includes list of books needed 1827; /10A-B Relating to Alexander McDonald, superintendent of schools in Madras CMS mission with medical certificate 1828; /11A-B Letter 1821 to mission treasurer with notice relating to English service at Black Town new church (sample of Madras Church Mission Press) 1820; /12-14 Journals and extracts: Oct 1820 - Apr 1823 with pencilled comments (?by mission secretary/HQ staff); 7 Feb 1821: importance of missionaries having some medical knowledge and training; 8 Jun 1821: procession with goddess of cholera; /15 Report of establishment and progress of English and Tamil Female Schools (Madras) [1827]; /16-17 Summary of stations, teachers, congregations, seminarists, schools, scholars: Madras Black Town, Perambore, Poonamallee, Tripasoor, Mavaloor Coopush, Chengelput 1830


1. Hobbs, Rev. Stephen
Date: 1856-1877
FindingNo: CMS/B/OMS/C MA O 13/1-251
Extent: 251 docs.
Description: Mauritius: Creve Coeur 1856-1877: mission secretary [see also O 4] /1-219 Letters including reference to finance matters; also relating to SPG [S. H. was great friend of Mr. Chiswell, SPG missionary] 1856-1877
/248 Notes on places visited including planters' estates at Beau Bassin, Mont Roche, Roche Brune, Plaisance, Stanley, Heber, Beau Sejour, Trianon, Mon Repos, Mr. Tellfair's at Moka, Mr. Fontenay junior, M. Salappe Grand River 1857;

Theatrical programmes

1. 'The White Heather' by Cecil Raleigh and Henry Hamilton
Date: 1897
FindingNo: MS108/2/154
Extent: 1 item
Description: Programme for production of 'The White Heather'; programme is annotated with date of attendance, 13 Oct 1897 Performed at The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London; produced by Arthur Collins; scenery by Joseph Harker, W. Perkins, Mr Cleery, Bruce Smith and Robert Caney; dresses designed by M. Comelli; costumes designed by Mrs Aria; incidental music by J. M. Glover Cast: John Wood, Kate Rorke, Pattie Browne, Beatrice Lamb, Lillian Menelly, Valli Valli, Mary Brough, Margaret Brough, E. Palmer, Henry Neville, H de Lange, Dawson Milward, Robert Loraine, J. B. Gordon, C. M. Lowne, Ernest Lawford, Albert Mayer, J. Rosier, Howard Russell, Akerman May, Edwin Palmer, Edward Shrimton, Frank Damer, Alfred Balfour, R. A. Lyons, T. Hendon, Lewis Egard, Daisy Rignold, Caroline Rhodes, Birdie Somerset, Daisy Sedger, Lily Roche, Ethel Wallis, Molly Bawn, R. Ward, Margot Werderman, Miss Hooton, Augusta Walters, Maud Rignold, Miss Eversfield, Daisy Lanford, Georgie Lennard, May Pelham, F. Clavin Clarke, W. Bedells, F. W. Cane, F. Eaglesfield, Mr Lovett, Mr Court, C. Ross, G. Chassemore, J. W. Sewell, Mr Knight, A. Vezin, E. Morgan, W. Morgan, Dyce Scott

2. 'A Runaway Girl' by Seymour Hicks and Harry Nicholls
Date: 1898
FindingNo: MS108/3/3
Extent: 1 item
Description: Programme for production of 'A Runaway Girl'; programme is annotated with date of attendance, 19 Nov 1898 Performed at The Gaiety Theatre, London; scenery by J. Harker and T. E. Ryan; costumes designed by Wilhelm; dances arranged by Willie Warde; music by Ivan Caryll and Lionel Monckton; lyrics by Aubrey Hopwood and Harry Greenbank; orchestra directed by Ivan Caryll Cast: Harry Monkhouse, W. Louis Bradfield, Fred Kaye, Lawrance D'Orsay, Willie Warde, Fred Wright, R. Selby, Mr Percival, A. F. Cramer, John Coates, Edward O'Neill, C. Baring, S. Barry, W. F. Brooke, Edmund Payne, Katie Seymour, Grace Palotta, Connie Ediss, Kate Talby, Margaret Fraser, Marie Shields, Rosie Boote, Marguerite Roche, Lilian Gregory, Cissie Vaughan, Ellaline Terriss

3. 'San Toy, or The Emperor's Own' by Edward Morton
Date: 1900
FindingNo: MS108/3/56
Extent: 1 item
Description: Programme for production of 'San Toy, or The Emperor's Own'; programme is annotated with date of attendance, 27 Jun 1900 Performed at Daly's Theatre, [London]; opening performance, 27 Jun 1900; scenery by Hawes Craven and Joseph Harker; costumes designed by Percy Anderson; dances arranged by Willie Warde; lyrics by Harry Greenbank and Adrian Ross; music by Sidney Jones; additional musical numbers by Lionel Monckton and Harry Hamilton; musical director Barter Johns Cast: Huntley Wright, Fred Kaye, Akerman May, Ernest Snow, Scott Russell, J. Murphy, S. Arrigoni, T. H. David, S. Vigay, Colin Coop, Rutland Barrington, Hilda Moody, Blanche Massey, Ethel Irving, Gladys Homfrey, Maidie Hope, Kitty Mason, Louie Collier, Aileen D'Orme, Marie Fawcett, Marguerite Roche, M. Darrell, Florence Allen, Mary Collette, Alice Davis, K. Francis, Aida Carter, Hilda Coral, Hayden Coffin, Florence Collingbourn

Friday, July 02, 2004

The Literature of British India

Prof. Janusz K Buda has written an article The Literature of British India. He's the Professor of English at the Waseda University School of Commerce .

The article gives a good summary of the history of Colonial India and its literature.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Bishop Francesco Tiburzio Roche

I saw an entry for Rev Roche in A2A, as mentioned in the previous post. I had originally found him in the Catholic-Hierarchy site.

Here are the details from that site:

Bishop Francesco Tiburzio Roche, S.J.
Bishop of Tuticorin

14 Apr 1879BornTuticorin
2 Oct 191031.5Ordained PriestPriest of Society of Jesus
12 Jun 192344.2AppointedBishop of Tuticorin, India
23 Sep 192344.4Ordained BishopBishop of Tuticorin, India
26 Jun 195374.2DiedBishop of Tuticorin, India

A2A: Some Old Roche Entries

Somerset Archive and Record Service: Walker-Heneage and Button family and estate papers, Coker Court, East Coker [DD\WHb/1323 - DD\WHb/A/240]
Walker-Heneage and Button family and estate papers, Coker Court, East Coker
Catalogue Ref. DD\WHb
ref. DD\WHb/2170 - date: 1387
Witn. John Roche, John Moigne, Knts., John Stourton, John Wykyng, etc.

Centre for Kentish Studies: Stanhope of Chevening Manuscripts [U1590/M, T, A]
Stanhope of Chevening Manuscripts
Catalogue Ref. U1590
Stanhope family, Earls Stanhope, of Chevening, Kent
Chevening estate prior to purchase by the Stanhope family in 1717
Chipstead in Chevening
Manor of Chepstead otherwise Wilkes - ref. U1590/T7 - date: c 1200-1591
item: Messuage called Byrchettes with the Roche and one parcel of meadow at Chipstead in Chevening - ref. U1590/T7/32 - date: nd [1480]

Sheffield Archives: Wentworth Woodhouse muniments
Wentworth Woodhouse muniments
Catalogue Ref. WWM
Baildon, Bolton-on-Dearne, Cadeby, Cowling, Cusworth, Darrington, Emley, Haddlesey, Hopton, Marr, Soothill, Sprotbrough, Stainton-next-Tickhill (including receipts for payments to Blyth priory, and counterpart lease to Roche Abbey), all Yorkshire, 1219-1542 (164);

Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office: Money-Kyrle Family
Catalogue Ref. 1720
Money-Kyrle family of Whetham, Calne, Wiltshire
Kyrle, Money-family of Whetham, Calne, Wiltshire

ref. 1720/66 - date: c.1270-1280
Witd.: Laurence de Stodleye, Gilbert de la Roche, Nicholas le Eyr, Robert le Blund, Walter de Brudeferd, William de Depegate, Robert de la Roche. (With transcript and translation).

ref. 1720/69 - date: c.1270-1280
Witd.: Laurence de Stodleye, Gilebert de la Roche, Nicholas le Eyr, Robert le Blund, Walter de Brudeferd, William de Depegate, Nicholas le Blund, Robert de la Roche.

ref. 1720/82 - date: c.1280-1290
Witd.: Gilebert de la Roche, Geoffrey le Eyr, Gilebert le Wyte, Robert le Blund, Henry Phelip of Quemerford, Laurence de Stodleya, Robert de Jurleby, Thomas Puke and William de la Roche.

ref. 1720/124 - date: 1336
Witd.: John de la Roche of Bromham, Nicholas of Roude, Henry le Hert of Devizes, John Milys of Bromham, John le Frend, Robert of Stoke, William Aunscel of Lyttleton, Richard le Beste.

ref. 1720/128 - date: 1339
Witd.: John de la Roche, Nicholas de Roude, John Sallinges, John Herny.

ref. 1720/144 - date: 1351
Witd.: John de la Roche, Geoffrey le Eyr, Robert de Cauntelo, John atte Halle, William Cryps.

ref. 1720/146 - date: 1351
Witd.: John de la Roche, Geoffrey le Eyr, John atte Halle, Robert de Cauntulo, William Crups.

ref. 1720/164 - date: 1363
Grant (at Bromham) by John de la Roche, knight, to John atte Halle of Whetham, of all his 'standing' which he had from Ralph Scut of Sende (Seend, Wilts.) in the lands and tenements which were formerly John Fynamour's in socage, and which came to Ralph as next of kin to William, son and heir of the said John Fynamour, in wardship of the minority of the said William.

ref. 1720/215 - date: 1395
Witd: Sir John Roche and Sir John Blount, knights, Richard Witcombe, Robert Salemon, Roger Alingge, William Arnold, Henry Hobbekyns.

Isle of Wight Record Office: The Oglander Collection [OG/A - OG/Z]
The Oglander Collection
Catalogue Ref. OG
Oglander family of Nunwell, Brading, Isle of Wight

Grant - ref. OG/B/7 - date: c 1295
Witness: Thomas de Aveliers, John de Wyville, Henry D'Oglondre, Thomas Juel, Thomas Daccombe, Simon d'Aubermare, Peter Dorwal, Benedict la Roche, Henry Mey, William le Somenyr.

Quitclaim - ref. OG/B/9 - date: 15 July 1295
Witness: Thomas de Wyllers, John de Wyvil, Henry Dogelandre, Simon de Aubermare, Peter Dorewall, Benedict le Roche, William le Somenir

Grant - ref. OG/Q/1 - date: c 1250
Witness: Richard de Langeford, Jordan de Insula, Bernard de Snape, Adam de Barneville, William de Chale, Simon de Chale, William Roche, Simon de Walpanne, Richard de Walwey, William de Hale

Grant - ref. OG/Q/2 - date: c 1250
Witness: Dominus Richard de Langeford, Everard de Snape, Adam de Barnevell, William de Chale, Nicholas de Walweye, William Fraunkeleyn, Edward [?] Wade, William Roche, Robert le Burche

Survey - ref. OG/X/49 - date: c 1559
1. Thomas Marche for Roche's tenement in the town of Brading

Court Baron - ref. OG/X/52 - date: 2 April 1576
Walter Brabant, gent., takes Roche's tenement and 18 acres in Brading on lives of himself and Richard and Bridget, his children

Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office: Chippenham and Stanleigh Deeds
Chippenham & Stanleigh Deeds
Catalogue Ref. 1213
Chippenham Estate
Stanleigh Estate

ref. 1213/11 - date: 30 March 1286
Witnesses: Richard Pig, Richard Horn, Laurence de Stodleye, Gilbert le Roche, Nicholas le Heyr.

ref. 1213/12 - date: [1286]
Similar quitclaim by Richard Horn of Chyppeham. Witnesses: Richard Pyg, Laurence de Stodlegh, Gilbert le Roche, Nicholas le Heyr, Geoffrey Fynemour. At Chippenham, Wednesday after the feast of St. Gregory the Pope 14 Edward I.

ref. 1213/14 - date: [1286]
Similar quitclaim by Adam Harding of Chippeham. Witnesses: Richard Pig, Laurence de Stodleye, Gilbert de la Roche, Nicholas le Heyr, Geoffrey de Finemor.

ref. 1213/18 - date: After 1290 ?Early 14th cent
Gift by Stephen le Frie and Juliana his wife to John de la Roche and Petronel his wife of a part of a meadow called La Brodemed which John le Wadel had for a a term of years by grant of Osmund le Rede, Julian's father, at a rent of 2s. 4d. a year. To hold of the chief lords of the fee, rent to the donors a rose. Witnesses: Nicholas le Eyr, William le Wite, John de la Forde, Adam Milis, Robert de la Clyve, Stephen le Eyr, Robert de la Roche.

Isle of Wight Record Office: The Manor of Brook
Catalogue Ref. AC95/32
Bowreman family of Brook, Isle of Wight

GIFT with warranty in free marriage - ref. AC95/32.1 - date: c1200
Witnesses: Lord Ralph Maskerel and Lord Henry Trenchard, Lord Adam de Compton, William de Compton, Geoffrey St Cross, William de la Roche, Walter de Freskewater and Reginald de la Roch

GIFT with warranty - ref. AC95/32.2 - date: c1200
Witnesses: Lord Henry Trenchard, Adam de Compton, Robert de Shorwell, Walter de Cheverdon, William de Compton, Geoff de Compton, William de Affeton, Walter La Roche and Roger la Roch

GIFT with warranty - ref. AC95/32.10 - date: c1280
Witnesses: William le Roch, William de la Putte, William Golde, William le Vrce, Adam Roche, Adam de Compton, Robert de la Halle, and Ralph le Leon

Cumbria Record Office, Carlisle Headquarters: Musgrave Family of Edenhall
Musgrave family of Edenhall
Catalogue Ref. D MUS
Musgrave family of Edenhall

Quitclaim - ref. D MUS 2/2/28 - date: [20 May 1344]
Robert del Roche

Quitclaim - ref. D MUS 2/2/29 - date: [10 August 1349]
One messuage and three acres of land in Edenhale which were formerly held by Robert del Roche, her father.

Gift - ref. D MUS 2/2/35 - date: [31 March 1344]
Alina daughter of Robert del Roche

Bath and North East Somerset Record Office: Ancient deeds belonging to the Corporation of Bath
Catalogue Ref. BC 151
Corporation of Bath, Somerset
BUNDLE 4.: Deeds - ref. BC 151/4

Grant - ref. BC 151/4/85 - date: 29 October, 1408
By William Honybrygge and John atte Nalre, proctors of the parish church of St. Michael by the Bath, and all the parishioners, to John Roche, and Alice, his wife, for their lives, of a tenement with Alice, formerly wife of David Ryche, holds, on the north, and the tenement which Roger Coldewell holds, on the south. Rendering therefor yearly to the proctors 7s. 1½d., and to the Abbot of St. Augustine, Bristol, 20 pence yearly at Michaelmas, and to the Bishop 2½d. for land gabel (with clause of forfeiture if the rent be in arrear one month, etc).

BUNDLE 5: Deeds - ref. BC 151/5
Grant - ref. BC 151/5/14 - date: 20 April, 1417
Witnesses: Ralph Hunt; John Savage, the elder; Robert Drewe; John Roche; William Radestoke.

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Record Office: Records of the Shirley family, Earls Ferrers. of Stauton Harold, Leicestershire
Records of the Shirley family, Earls Ferrers of Staunton Harold, Leicestershire.
Catalogue Ref. 26D53
Shirley family, of Staunton Harold, Leicestershire, Earls Ferrers
Ferrers Bible, pedigrees, etc.
ref. 26D53/2684 - date: 1627
31. Roche

Somerset Archive and Record Service: Walker-Heneage and Button family and estate papers, Coker Court, East Coker [DD\WHb/1323 - DD\WHb/A/240]
Walker-Heneage and Button family and estate papers, Coker Court, East Coker
Catalogue Ref. DD\WHb
Grant - ref. DD\WHb/2170 - date: 1387
Witn. John Roche, John Moigne, Knts., John Stourton, John Wykyng, etc.

Norfolk Record Office: The Wodehouse Family of Kimberley
Catalogue Ref. KIM
Wodehouse family of Kimberley, Norfolk
Conveyance by Thomas Roche of Hingham to Emma, widow of William Osborne of Kimberley, junior, her son John and her daughter Cristiana, of land in Kimberley. - ref. KIM 2H/13 - date: 18 December 1 Henry IV [1399]

Suffolk Record Office, Bury St Edmunds Branch: Hengrave [449/2 - 449/9]
Catalogue Ref. 449
DEEDS - ref. 449/2
Wiltshire [probably near Calne]: Title Deed - ref. 449/2/768 - date: Undated [c.1280]
(i) Eva Crey of Cotes, widow, formerly wife of John de Holonde to (ii) Gilbert de la Roche

A2A: Oldest Roche Entry

Here's the oldest entries for roche in A2A:

Northamptonshire Record Office: Fitzwilliam (Milton) Charters [F(M) Charter/1-1659]
NORTHAMPTONSHIRE DEEDS - ref. F(M) Charter/1-1659

ref. F(M) Charter/131 - date: -- after F of St Nicholas [6 Dec] xx......Edw I
GRANT by Eva le Wythe, daughter of Adam le Roche of Castre to Reginald fil.Walteri de Castre and Edusia his wife, of hald an acre of meadow lying in Mikillangemedue in Castre. Rent, one silver halfpenny at Christmas.

ref. F(M) Charter/207 - date: Late C13th-early C14th
GRANT by William Cordel to Adam fil.Radulphi de La Roche and Cristiana his wife, daughter of Hawise fil.Alicia, for their homage and service and two marks paid in hand, of a messuage and three acres of land in Castre which the said Hawise sometime held from him, and a rood of meadow in Michilholm by performing yearly the service attached thereto; to wit, finding, every third year, in the hay time, two men to mow for one day, and once, during the day, breakfast at nine o'clock for the said William; and one man to gather the hay for one day without food; and every year at Christmas one hen, and in the third year the bringer of the hen shall eat at the said William's table; and every year at Christmas one halfpenny for suit, and at Easter one halfpenny for ward, and for the Sheriff's aid, for all services saving suit of court, and the King's foreign service namely, scutage, whenever it shall happen to 40sh. 5d.


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