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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Fr. Alfred Roche, O.F.M. Capuchin

An article on Fr. Alfred Roche is published in the Barkur Online site on Jan 2004.

Excerpts from the article

Peter Roche (Alfred was a new name given by the Capuchins, so as to 'Renounce the Past and Embrace the Future' Capuchin way of life) was born to Mr. Isaac Roche and Carmine (nee Monteiro) of Moodahadu Kudru Vaado, of Barkur St. Peter's Parish, on 3rd April, 1924, South Kanara, in India. Mr. Isaac Roche was a landlord, holding coconut and rice farms. However, his love for God was so great, that he served the Barkur Parish as a sacristan for 40 years.

He got vested (official commitment to join Franciscan religious order) on 3.2.1944. His first profession took place on 11.4.1945 in Quilon, Kerala, and his perpetual profession on 11.4.1949. He was ordained to priesthood on 11.4.1951 in Kotagiri, Nilgiris, then in Madras State, thus was known as Fr. Alfred Roche OFM Cap. (Order of Friars Minor, Capuchins)

Fr. Alfred was the youngest one among the 5 children: Alphonso, Juliana, Louis, and Cecilia.

Alphonso Roche married to Mary Vas of Mangalore city proper was working for Grindlay's Bank,
Bombay, for many years. They lived in Bandra, with children Adolph, Percy, Alwyn, Sheryl and Astrid. Both Alphonso and Mary are expired now.

Juliana Roche married to Dennis Rebello (Anagally,) both are expired. They had three children: Stanley, Phelomena and Hilary. Hilary is expired. The rest of them are settled comfortably. Though Juliana became a widow in her twenties, her life of dedication and commitment to her children and fellow neighbors has been a source of inspiration to many.

Louis Roche married to Angelina D'Almeida. Louis Roche was working for P & T in
Bombay, while Angeline was a teacher in Barkur for some time, who opted to stay in Kudru, raising Rita, Jacintha, Jessie, Wilfred, and Sannu (Alfred Robert). Louis Roche expired whereas Angeline (Anjaal bai/Anjaal teacher) lives in Barkur Kudru with her son Wilfred, looking after the ancestral property.

Cecilia Roche married to Rosario Crasta of Kannada Kudru, near Kundapur. Both are in the embrace of the Merciful Father, the Lord God.
Rosario was a hard working innovative farmer, raising green/red peppers, brinjaals, melons, sugarcane, besides rice and coconuts in Kannada Kudru. Their children are: Frederick (Freddie), John (Johny), Lucy, Patrick (Pity) ofm cap, Alexander (Alsu), Edward (Eddu), Wilfred (Wilfie), Rudolf (Dolphy) S.V.D, and Godfrey. There are two of them priests, needless to say, influenced by Fr. Alfred, in one form or the other.

As per the old Franciscan custom, Fr. Alfred was ordained at Kotagiri (Nilgiris, Tamil Naadu, then Madras State), and his first Mass was at Barkur. It was a unique event in the history of Barkur Parish. Fr. Charles Nazareth was the parish priest then. On that day Fr. Alfred gave the first Holy Communion to two of his nephews: Patrick Crasta (his sister's son) and Adolph Roche (his brothers' son). Believe it or not both of them are ordained priests today.

His first appointment was at Monte Mariano, Farangipet, near Mangalore, just on the banks of the river Nethravathi, as Vice-Master. In 1956 he came to Brahmavar as the first capuchin parish priest of the Holy Family Church.

After his creative and constructive mission of 16 years at Brahmavar Fr. Alfred went to Binaga, close to Karwar, as the parish priest. Then he came to Lower Kasarkod (Honnavar) in 1975, where he had to take up a greater responsibility as the parish priest of St. Joseph's Church and the coordinator of the five mission stations (Samsi, Kodani, Molkod, Gundibala and Binaga) of the then Belgaum Diocese (presently part of the Karwar Diocese) which were entrusted to the care of the Capuchins.

He served at Lower Kasarkod for 12 years (1975-1981; 1987-1993, in between for six years he was at Farangipet as guardian of the monastery.) and then he returned as a retired friar to Brahmavar in 1994. In short, the mission fields of Fr. Alfred were: Farangipet (11 years), Brahmavar (19 years), Binga (3 years) and Lower Kasarkod (12 years).

The mortal remains of Fr. Alfred were brought in procession from St. Peter's church, Barkur, to Holy Family Church Brahmavar on the funeral day (1.1.1997)

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Sacred Heart Grotto

The web site of the Sacred Heart Grotto, Alanthalai, Tamil Nadu mentions Bishop G.F.T.Roche.

Could he be the same person as Bishop Francesco Tiburzio Roche?

Quotes from the site -

In the meanwhile, Tuticorin was elevated to the status of Diocese in 1923 and the first Latin rite Bishop Msqr. G.F.T.Roche S.J. was installed. When the Bishop passed through in the tram way to Manapad, he was given a warm welcome by the villagers except a few standing little away from the station. Seeing the converts His Lordship said "I also pray for my brothers who are standing away from here so that the blessings of Almighty God may continue to increase on them also". This sincere prayer in appeal melted the hearts of those few and peace returned on 3.12.1924.

On 30th June, 1928 his Excellency Bishop G.F.T.Roche blessed and inaugurated the Grotto.

While addressing the gathering he said, "Although this is a symbol of peace. I say this is a Pillar of Boons and Graces" Yes.this is the Miraculous Golden Grotto. On this grotto stands the King of Kings, the King of peace with open heart and outstretched hands to embrace the millions who honour Him. This Grotto is a place of solace to the grief stricken, a treat to lovers of art, a throne of blessing to childless couples to be blessed with off springs, a comfort house for the afflicted, a refuge for sinners and broken hearted, a paradise for the devotees.

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Monday, April 04, 2005

WW2 Nominal Roll (Australia)

After around 400 finger numbing clicks on the search result from the WW2 Nominal Roll in the Australian Web site, I found two ROCHEs of Indian origin:


There were two records for Terence -

Service Record
Service Royal Australian Air Force
Service Number 429159
Date of Birth 3 Mar 1922
Place of Birth CALCUTTA, INDIA
Date of Enlistment 27 Oct 1942
Locality on Enlistment Unknown
Place of Enlistment SYDNEY, NSW
Date of Discharge 30 May 1946
Rank Leading Aircraftman
Posting at Discharge RAAF STATION GARBUTT
WW2 Honours and Gallantry None for display
Prisoner of War No

Service Record
Service Australian Army
Service Number N170887
Date of Birth 3 Mar 1922
Place of Birth CALCUTTA, INDIA
Date of Enlistment 15 Oct 1941
Locality on Enlistment GREENWICH, NSW
Place of Enlistment WILLOUGHBY, NSW
Date of Discharge 26 Oct 1942
Rank Private
Posting at Discharge H Q 1 AUST DIV CONCERT PARTY
WW2 Honours and Gallantry None for display
Prisoner of War No


Service Record
Service Australian Army
Service Number N318294
Date of Birth 26 Jun 1907
Place of Birth MEERUT, INDIA
Date of Enlistment 22 Jan 1942
Locality on Enlistment CAMMERAY, NSW
Place of Enlistment NORTH SYDNEY, NSW
Date of Discharge 27 Aug 1942
Rank Private
WW2 Honours and Gallantry None for display
Prisoner of War No

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Saturday, April 02, 2005

The 61st Foot in India 1845 - 1860

From the web site on the 61st Foot in India 1845 - 1860:

August 24th, 1857: 9000 rebels with 13 guns left Delhi to attack the siege-train on the way from Ferozepore. Died: Ptes. Patrick Roche. Samuel Watchorn. Peter McMillan. Michael Grimes. William Dalton. Patrick Coffey. Benjamin Buxton.

September 3rd, 1857: Died: Ptes. John McGuire. John Kieley. Connell O'Hara. Lawrence Roche. John Sullivan.

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Bill Roach's Family Page

Found Bill Roach's Family Page. It deals mainly with the Roach family.

Came across an interesting entry in their guestbook:

Name: Ann Gray <>
Date: 2000-11-18
My "Brick Wall": Do you have info on this person? Benjamin Joseph Roach
Comments: Was in India during 1800's He was in H.M's 106th Regiment and was an Apothecary. My husbands grandmother Margaret Harriet Priscilla Roach was born there on 7.11.1863 at Neermuch. Margaret married in India and came to Australia. Her descendants are looking for information on the family.

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