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Monday, August 30, 2004

List of Casualities - East India Directory & Register 1832

The List of Casualities - East India Directory & Register 1832 is online. No Roche in it.

Friday, August 27, 2004

India-L List success story

Deccan Herald has published an article titled Bangalorean Jean Fritchley finds her Scottish family via email. It tells of how Michael found Jean - who is his first cousin twice removed - through the India-L list.

I've been part of the India-L list - on and off since the mid nineties. Its a list of people with amazing information and a very helpful attitude.

If you're wondering whats this "first cousin twice removed", you may want to check the's glossary.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

British History Online

British History Online has a lot of useful information on British History. It contains all the parlimentary papers online.

I. There are references to a Captain James Roche -
1. In House of Lords Journal Volume 17, 1 April 1702 with references to a bill regarding Irish Forfeitures.

2. In House of Lords Journal Volume 17, 3 March 1704 regarding another bill on Irish Forfeitures.

3. In House of Lords Journal Volume 17, 29 February 1704 on forfeited Estates in Ireland.

4. In House of Lords Journal Volume 17, 26 March 1702 on Irish Forfeitures.

5. In House of Lords Journal Volume 17, 28 February 1704 on forfeited Estates in Ireland.

6. In House of Lords Journal Volume 17, 23 March 1702 on Irish Forfeitures.

II. Mary Roche is admitted in Formâ Pauperis, in Withering's Suit against her in House of Lords Journal Volume 11, 6 July 1663.

III. Richard Roche in Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694 Middlesex, St John Hackney, Church Street (Hackney).
Name: Roche, Richard (Mr)
Property Tax assessment £24.00
Property Rental value £120.00
Stock Tax assessment £0.00
Stock value £0.00
On behalf of: Cooke, Sir Thomas. Occupation: rector.

IV. William Roche in Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694
City of Westminster, St Martin in the Fields, Exchange Ward, Yorke Buildings
Name: Roche, William
Property Tax assessment £6.00
Property Rental value £30.00
Stock Tax assessment £4.80
Stock value £400.00
Comment: Roman Catholic.

V. Mr. Roche in House of Commons Journal Volume 2, 18 March 1642:
Apprehending Roche.
Ordered, That a Warrant issue under Mr. Speaker's Hand, for the Apprehending of Mr. Roche, Son to the Lord Roche.

Ordered, That the Lord Admiral be desired to give Directions to the Officers of the Ports, that they be very watchful that the said Mr. Roche do not pass at any of the Ports.

VI. David Roche, Esq.

1. In House of Commons Journal Volume 3, 12 October 1643.
Roche's Petition.
The humble Petition of David Roche Esquire, late of the City of Limerick in Ireland, was this Day read; concerning Debts owing unto him upon Specialities; and desiring, that he may have Liberty and Warrant to seize the Goods of such as he knows to be in actual Rebellion in Ireland:

And it is Ordered, That it be referred to the Consideration and Examination of the Committee for Gloucester.

2. In House of Commons Journal Volume 3, 2 June 1643; Petition referred.

VII. Henry Roche.

1. In House of Commons Journal Volume 2, 12 April 1642.
Payments to Roche, &c.

Ordered, That One hundred Thirty-two Pounds be paid to Henry Roche, Owner of The Prosperous Elizaneth for Freight of Arms and Ammunition from Barwicke to London: And that One hundred and Twenty Pounds be paid unto James Sheriffe, for the Freight of his Ship, in bringing of Ammunition from Berwicke: And that One hundred Pounds be paid to Stephen Riche, Master of the Rebecca, in Satisfaction of Demurrage Days due unto him.

And further Ordered, That Mr. Wheeler do pay these several Sums accordingly.

2. In House of Commons Journal Volume 2, 29 December 1641
Transport Service.
Mr. Wheeler reports from the Committee appointed to consider of the Accounts due unto the Masters of the Ships that were to transport the Ordinance from Berwick, &c.

To Abraham White, and Hen. Roche, - £.160

VIII. James Roche. In House of Commons Journal Volume 2, 27 May 1642.
Restoring Goods seized
Whereas Francis Bickley, Richard Edisbury, Wm. Kendall, and others, Merchants of London, have petitioned this House; and have set forth, in their Petition, that they trusted divers Goods to Thomas Hannon and James Roche, Merchants of Limerick in Ireland; the which Goods were seized at Bristoll, as belonging to Irish Merchants, the greatest Part of the Kingdom being then in Rebellion: It is this Day Ordered, That in regard that the said Goods were contracted for before the Rebellion broke forth, that the Merchants that trusted these Goods to the said Hannon and Roche, shall have the said Goods restored unto them, for Satisfaction of their Debts; the House being informed, that the said Hannon and Roche are consenting thereunto; and that the Mayor and other Officers of Bristoll, in whose Custody the said Goods are, do forthwith deliver the same accordingly.

IX. Mr Roche. In House of Commons Journal Volume 2, 06 May 1642.
Roche's Escape.

Ordered, That the Consideration of this Escape of Mr. Roche, an Irish Man, sent for by Order of this House, in the Pacquet boat at Dover, (whereof this House was now informed) be referred to the Committee for Post-masters, where Mr. Weston has the Chair.

X. Richard atte Roche

1. St. Martin Pomary 95/16
Location: City of London > St Martin Pomary (Ironmonger Lane)
Sponsor: Centre for Metropolitan History
Publication: Historical gazetteer of London before the Great Fire
Author: Keene, D.J.; Harding, Vanessa.
Year published: 1987
Pages: 180-183

16 was in the same ownership as 105/16 when by 1271 and by 1278 land belonging to Richard le Potyr adjoined both the N. and E. sides of 17-18. In 1309, 1319, and 1326, the tenement on the N. side of 17 was said to belong to Richard atte Roche, who may have been tenant rather than landlord of the property, or alternatively may have been identical with one of the men with the same forename who owned 16 and 105/16. In 1324 and 1330 this tenement belonged to Richard de Betoigne (Footnote 3) and thereafter passed through the same succession of owners as 105/16.(q.v.). These two properties were acquired by the hospital of St. Thomas of Acre in 1505.

Footnote 3: HR 4(85), 9(29), 42(119), 52(56), 54(82). The series of abutments from 17 refer to atte Roche over the period 1309-26 and then to de Betoigne.

2. Subsidy Roll 1319 - Cheap ward.
Cheap Ward

Parishes: All Hallows Honey Lane, St. Benet Sherehog, St. Lawrence Jewry, St. Martin Pomary, St. Mary Colechurch, St. Mildred Poultry, St. Pancras Soper Lane. Partly in Cheap: St. Margaret Lothbury, St. Mary le Bow, St. Olave Old Jewry, St. Stephen Walbrook. Alderman: John de Wengrave [BroadSt 1].

47 t De Ricardo ate Rothe J.mar. (Footnote 47)

Footnote 47: Richard, son of William atte Rothe, appr. of Michael de London, ointer, adm. Cheap 1309-10 LBD 103, R. atte Roche, called le Smeremongere 1309-10 ib. 112 (Cheap), R. atte Roche 1320 LBE 128. Richard was admitted late and is probably identical with R. atte Rothe, chandler 1299-1300 Mayors 59. - Roe Hrt, Rothend Mx.

XI. Henry atte Roche

1. St. Martin Pomary 95/0 The parish church of St. Martin Pomary
Location: City of London > St Martin Pomary (Ironmonger Lane)
Sponsor: Centre for Metropolitan History
Publication: Historical gazetteer of London before the Great Fire
Author: Keene, D.J.; Harding, Vanessa.
Year published: 1987
Pages: 107-110

The church attracted other endowments. A parishioner who died in 1328 left the money from the sale of one of his properties (95/2), should that come about, for the endowment of a chantry there. Henry atte Roche, who probably lived near the church within the precinct of St. Thomas of Acre, at his death in 1348-9 left rent in St. Ethelburga's parish for the endowment of his chantry. In 1532 Robert Brocket left rent in Houndsditch to augment this chantry and to maintain his own obit. The chantry of Brocket and atte Roche was the only one being celebrated in the church in 1548.

2. St. Martin Pomary 95/6-7.
Location: City of London > St Martin Pomary (Ironmonger Lane)
Sponsor: Centre for Metropolitan History
Publication: Historical gazetteer of London before the Great Fire
Author: Keene, D.J.; Harding, Vanessa.
Year published: 1987
Pages: 150-159

In 1336 6 was a shop with solars built above which John atte Welhous, ironmonger and citizen, and his wife Agnes granted to Henry atte Roche, citizen and chandler (unctarius). In 1358 atte Roche's former tenement here belonged to William Gregori and his wife Idonia, who in 1365 were named as owners of the little shop here. The property appears to have descended with others in various parts of the city from Henry atte Roche to his daughter Marion and from her to her son, Henry atte Mersh. Henry atte Mersh granted properties in several parishes, including St. Martin Pomary, to Richard Fohoun and Henry Yeveley, citizen(s), who in 1361 granted them in free marriage to Henry atte Mersh and his wife Idonia and their legitimate heirs, with remainder to Henry's right heirs. There was probably a family relationship between Henry and/or his wife and William Gregori and/or his wife, but this cannot be determined. There were other interests in this group of properties, including 6, which had once belonged to Henry atte Roche and concerning which several trusts appear to have been set up. Thus Robert atte Broke, a smith of Lemynton (Suffolk), granted the properties to John Gullay and his wife Andrina, daughter and heir of Thomas Hendeman of Grene (Kent), who in 1368 quitclaimed in them to John Creyndon, fishmonger, Henry Yevele, mason, and Thomas de Mildenhale, all citizens. By 1380, when Maud Holbech was in possession of 6, Creyndon, Yevele, and de Mildenhale sold the properties to Maud and her then husband, Hugh Southern. Maud was later described as the widow of William Holbech, who died in 1365-7, and it is probable that Hugh was her second husband. In 1386 Idonia, widow of Henry atte Mersh and now widow of William de Croydon, quitclaimed to Maud Holbech in the properties which had once belonged to Henry atte Mersh. Soon after this quitclaim Henry Yevele bound himself to Maud Holbech and Stephen Spelman to the effect that neither he nor his brother, Richard Foun, would cause her any loss concerning the properties by suing on a recognisance made to them in Chancery by Henry atte Mersh. Maud died in 1392-3 and left these properties to Thomas son of William Occlyf, formerly citizen and draper, for the term of his life and then to be sold. In 1408 Thomas surrendered the properties to Maud's executors, who included Stephen Speleman and in 1415 sold 6 to Henry Halton, citizen and grocer. 6 was now described as a shop with solar(s) over measuring 10 1/2 ft. (3.2 m.) next to the street, 10 ft. (3.05 m.) at its W. end, 14 ft. 3 in. (4.34 m.) on its S. side and 14 ft. 2 in. (4.32 m.) on its N. side. (Footnote 4)

3. St. Mary Colechurch 105/13-15.
Location: City of London > St Mary Colechurch
Sponsor: Centre for Metropolitan History
Publication: Historical gazetteer of London before the Great Fire
Author: Keene, D.J.; Harding, Vanessa.
Year published: 1987
Pages: 465-474

Holy Trinity Priory did not alienate the property on the corner of Ironmonger Lane. It may have been represented by 2 of the 5 shops listed in 1283, and both then and in 1292 it presumably included the shop of Walter de Waldegrave. There was one shop on the site, held by Henry atte Roche, chandler (candelar') in 1336, when John de Ewell of London quitclaimed to Holy Trinity Priory in the property. In 1384 the priory let the shop to John Salle, citizen and cutler, and his wife Margaret at £3 rent for life, the tenants being liable for repairs. John Salle died in 1407 and there is no later record of this shop. (Footnote 16)

XII. John Roche
Broomfield Manors and other estates.
Location: Somerset > Andersfield Hundred > Broomfield
Sponsor: Victoria County History
Publication: A History of the County of Somerset: Volume VI
Author: R.W. Dunning (Editor)
Year published: 1992
Pages: 7-12

IVYTON manor was held of Broomfield manor in 1283 and continued to be so held until 1790 or later, although suit and rent had probably been unpaid for many years and it was not recorded as a manor after 1662. (Footnote 77) Ivyton was held by Hugh de la Tour (d. 1283), possibly in succession to his brother Henry (d. by 1280). (Footnote 78) Hugh's son Thomas was succeeded by his son Hugh who died c. 1321 leaving a son William. (Footnote 79) William died in 1349 leaving a daughter Alice, wife of John Roche. Alice was dead by 1375 but had had a child. (Footnote 80) That child may have been Isabel, wife of John Haddecombe, who released her claim to Ivyton to John Roche in 1375 and again in 1390. (Footnote 81) Later in 1390 Roche gave Ivyton to John Luttrell who in 1392 assigned the rents to John Haddecombe and his wife Isabel for her life, and granted the estate in 1394 to Joan, Roche's second wife, by then married to Thomas Trowe of Plainsfield. In 1404 Richard Roche, son of John, quitclaimed Ivyton to Joan's feoffees. (Footnote 82) In 1429 John Luttrell gave the reversion after Joan's death to his kinsman Richard Luttrell; Joan was dead by 1439 when Richard took possession. (Footnote 83) Ivyton then descended with Over Vexford in Stogumber until 1570 when the manor was sold to William Lovel. (Footnote 84)

XIII. Philip Keating Roche. In House of Lords Journal Volume 64, 7 December 1831.

White et al. v. Baugh & Beale.
Upon reading the Petition and Appeal of Richard White, Francis Jenks Burlton, Vincent Wheeler and James Eysam Graham; complaining of an Order of the Court of Chancery, of the 9th of February 1831, made in a certain Cause wherein John Salwey, an Infant, by Job Walker Baugh, his next Friend, but who has since attained the Age of Twenty-one Years, was Plaintiff, and Elizabeth Salwey, Theophilus Richard Salwey, William Radclyffe, Richard Salwey, lately deceased, Theophilus Salwey, Philip Keating Roche, Robert Myddelton Biddulph and George Ridge were Defendants; and praying, "That the said Order may be reversed, or that the Appellants may have such Relief in the Premises, as to this House, in their Lordships great Wisdom, shall seem meet; and that the said Job Walker Baugh and Thomas Beale may be required to answer the said Appeal:"

It is Ordered, That the said Job Walker Baugh and Thomas Beale may have a Copy of the said Appeal, and do put in their Answer or respective Answers thereunto, in Writing, on or before Wednesday the 21st Day of this instant December; and Service of this Order upon Mr. Abel Jenkins of New Inn, the Agent in London of the said Respondents, shall be deemed good Service.

XIV. Roche Green.
Roman catholicism.
The 1560s and 1570s were a period of intensive Catholic activity when many papists were presented for recusancy; the bailiffs, who were very intolerant of Catholicism, did their utmost to persuade the dissidents to conform. (Footnote 21) One very prominent Catholic was Richard Cousins who, in the 1550s, owned the White Hart inn in which Bishop Bonner's agents stayed. In 1562 Cousins was imprisoned in the moot hall for his papist activities. (Footnote 22) Named repeatedly in the indictments was Roche Green (d. 1602), whose son Richard (d. 1590) was ordained in Rome in 1582, (Footnote 23) and who, resisting earnest attempts to convert him, spent c. 20 years in prison, some of them in Colchester. (Footnote 24) Other Essex recusants were imprisoned in Colchester castle, some for long periods. (Footnote 25)

XV. John Roche
Enmore Church.
Location: Somerset > Andersfield Hundred > Enmore
Sponsor: Victoria County History
Publication: A History of the County of Somerset: Volume VI
Author: R.W. Dunning (Editor)
Year published: 1992
Description: Historical account of religious life and the parish church
Pages: 43-44

The deanery chapter met at Enmore in 1195 when Gocelin, chaplain of Enmore, was present. (Footnote 65) John of Drayton, rector in 1327, was described as worn out and a coadjutor was appointed. (Footnote 66) There was an anniversary chaplain in 1450. John Roche or Ryche, rector 1463-7, was a canon of Wells. (Footnote 67) There were both a rector and a stipendiary priest c. 1535, and the parish supported a fraternity, known as Our Lady's service or the brotherhood.

XVI. Abigall Roche. In House of Commons Journal Volume 3, 26 June 1643

Gideon's &c. Pass.

Upon Mr. Rous his Motion, it is Ordered, That Mrs. Frances Gideon, with Abigall Roche, and James Faucett, shall have Mr. Speaker's Warrant to pass into France, and to return; with such Necessaries for her Journey as are lawfully exportable.

XVII. Drew de la Roche

1. Fen Drayton - Manors and other estates.
Location: Cambridgeshire > Papworth > Fen Drayton
Sponsor: Victoria County History
Publication: A History of the County of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely: Volume IX
Author: A. P. M. Wright & C. P. Lewis (Editors)
Year published: 1989
Pages: 292-295

Another substantial lordship was that over 3 1/4 hides held in 1066 by men of the king's thegn Ulf, one sokeman having 1 1/4 hides to himself. By 1086 the estate had passed to Ulf's successor as lord at Fen Stanton, Gilbert of Ghent (Footnote 87) (d. c. 1095), whose heir was his son Walter (d. 1139). (Footnote 88) Henry I, having allegedly seduced Walter's sister, obliged him to assign Fen Stanton with its dependencies for her support. (Footnote 89) The Ghents never recovered even their tenancy in chief, although Walter's grandson Gilbert (d. 1242) repeatedly sued successive possessors of the manor between 1208 and 1231. (Footnote 90)

After Walter's sister's death Henry II assigned the manor, by 1161 at latest, to the Breton noble Roland de Dinan, (Footnote 91) who briefly forfeited it for rebellion in Brittany c. 1167-8. (Footnote 92) Roland, Henry's governor of Brittany c. 1175-8, died in 1184, having adopted as heir his nephew Alan de Dinan. (Footnote 93) Probably by 1194, however, the manor had been given to Drew de la Roche, (Footnote 94) whose widow Agnes held it as dower between 1201 (Footnote 95) and the mid 1220s. (Footnote 96) In 1225 Richard Marshal, later earl of Pembroke, who had married Alan de Dinan's daughter Gervaise, (Footnote 97) claimed the estate, and was granted its reversion; Agnes died in 1226. (Footnote 98) Following the earl's insurrection in 1233 (Footnote 99) Henry III gave the estate in 1234 to his justiciar Stephen de Segrave, who lost it when he fell from power later that year, and it was assigned to the king's sister, Joan, queen of Scotland. (Footnote 1) Segrave recovered it shortly after her death in 1237. (Footnote 2) He died in 1241 and his son and heir Gilbert, (Footnote 3) also a judge, in 1254. Gilbert's son Nicholas, of age in 1258, (Footnote 4) a Montfortian partisan, (Footnote 5) vigorously despoiled his west Cambridgeshire neighbours in the mid 1260s. (Footnote 6) Lord over 4¼ yardlands at Fen Drayton in 1279, (Footnote 7) he died in 1295. His son John, (Footnote 8) a leading commander in the Scots wars, (Footnote 9) and John's eldest son Stephen, who apparently occupied the family's Cambridgeshire lands, both died fighting in Gascony in 1325. Stephen's son John, (Footnote 10) of age in 1336, (Footnote 11) died in 1353, (Footnote 12) having married Margaret (d. 1399), daughter of his guardian Thomas, earl of Norfolk. (Footnote 13) Tenants at Fen Drayton owed rents to her in the 1370s. (Footnote 14)

2. Fen Drayton - Economic history.

Location: Cambridgeshire > Papworth > Fen Drayton
Sponsor: Victoria County History
Publication: A History of the County of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely: Volume IX
Author: A. P. M. Wright & C. P. Lewis (Editors)
Year published: 1989
Description: Historical account of agriculture, marketing, and trades, crafts and industry
Pages: 295-298

All the 10 hides except Ramsey abbey's 3 yardlands were occupied in 1066 by c. 10 sokemen. Eight sokemen still possessed 6 1/4 hides in 1086 and 5 villani c. 1 hide, while only 2 3/4 hides were in demesne, only Ramsey's estate having any servi. There were also 8 bordars and 3 cottars. The limited arable, 5 ploughlands, for which only 2¾ teams were available, suggests that pasture was already important. (Footnote 81) In the 13th century Fen Drayton was still dominated by its resident freeholders, an attempt by Agnes de la Roche c. 1206 to claim more services from her sokemen having apparently failed. (Footnote 82)

Friday, August 13, 2004

World Biographical Index - 2

Searching for all Roche's on the WBIS gave 657 results. Some of the older entries are listed below -

Name: La Roche-Baron, Ponce de évêque de Mâcon
Gender: m
Year Cited: mil. du 12e s.
Occupation: évêque
Occupation Classification: Church Dignitaries, Representatives, Administrators (715)
Archive: Archives Biographiques Françaises (ABF)
Fiche Location: I 601,404-421
Short Title(s) of Source(s): La Rochette
Short Title: La Rochette
Source Citation: La Rochette, comte de; Histoire des évêques de Mâcon / par le cte de La Rochette. - Mâcon: Protat, 1866-1867. - 2 tomes
Saur Document Number: F105945
Gale Document Number: DA3506183466

Name: Roche, Guillaume de
Gender: m
Year Cited: 13e s.
Occupation: maçon
Occupation Classification: Construction Industry (161)
Archive: Archives Biographiques Françaises (ABF)
Fiche Location: II 557,203
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Brune P.
Short Title: Brune P.
Source Citation: Brune, Paul; Dictionnaire des artistes et ouvriers d'art de la Franche-Comté / par Paul Brune. - Paris: Bibliothèque d'art et d'archéologie, 1912. - (Publications pour faciliter les études d'art en France).
Saur Document Number: F332020
Gale Document Number: DA3506278983

Name: Rhos, Othon nte la
Other Name(s): auch: Otto de la Roche
Year of Death: nach 1225
Gender: m
Occupation: Ritter
Occupation Classification: Aristocrats (905)
Archive: Griechisches Biographisches Archiv (GBA)
Fiche Location: 364, 240-241
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Ekpaideutike hellenike enkyklopaideia
Short Title: Ekpaideutike hellenike enkyklopaideia
Source Citation: Ekpaideutike hellenike enkyklopaideia: pankosmio biographiko lexiko. - Athena, 1983-1988. - Tom. 1-9B
Saur Document Number: G060-752-8
Gale Document Number: DA3534063018

Name: Roche, Thomas
Gender: m
Year Cited: 1487-1504
Occupation: judge
Occupation Classification: Judges (332)
Archive: British Biographical Archive (BBA)
Fiche Location: I 941,289
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Foss
Short Title: Foss
Source Citation: Foss, Edward; A Biographical Dictionary of the Judges of England: from the Conquest to the Present Time, 1066-1870 / by Edward Foss. - London: Murray, 1870. - (Biographia Juridica).
Saur Document Number: B150391
Gale Document Number: DA3504257297

Name: Roche, Jean
Gender: m
Year Cited: 1570
Occupation: Trompeter
Occupation Classification: Instrumentalists, Orchestral Musicians (613)
Archive: Deutsches Biographisches Archiv (DBA)
Fiche Location: II 1083,125
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Refardt
Short Title: Refardt
Source Citation: Refardt, Edgar; Historisch-biographisches Musikerlexikon der Schweiz / von Edgar Refardt. - Leipzig [et al.]: Hug, 1928
Saur Document Number: D616-583-0
Gale Document Number: DA3508325693

Name: Roche, Juan
Gender: m
Year Cited: 1575
Occupation: arcabucero
Occupation Classification: Metal Working (121)
Country: Spain
Archive: Archivo Biográfico de España, Portugal e Iberoamérica (ABEPI)
Fiche Location: I 812,110
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Gestoso
Short Title: Gestoso
Source Citation: Gestoso y Pérez, José; Ensayo de un diccionario de los artífices que florecieron en Sevilla desde el siglo XIII al XVIII inclusive / por José Gestoso y Pérez. - Sevilla: Andalucía moderna, 1899-1909. - 3 vols
Saur Document Number: S104-900-5
Gale Document Number: DA3514275655

Name: Roche, John
Other Name(s): c.h. John Neele
Year of Death: 1583
Gender: m
Occupation: martyr
Occupation Classification: Saints, Martyrs (724)
Archive: British Biographical Archive (BBA)
Fiche Location: I 941,230-239
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Gillow; Burton/Pollen
Short Title: Gillow
Source Citation: Gillow, Joseph; A Literary and Biographical History, or, Bibliographical Dictionary of the English Catholics: from the Breach with Rome, in 1534, to the Present Time / by Joseph Gillow. - London [et al.]: Burns & Oates [et al.], 1885-1902. - 5 vols
Short Title: Burton/Pollen
Source Citation: Lives of the English Martyrs: Second Series. The Martyrs Declared Venerable. Volume 1, 1583-1588 / edited by Edwin H. Burton and J. H. Pollen. - London [et al.]: Longmans, Green & Co, 1914
Saur Document Number: B150368
Gale Document Number: DA3504257273

Name: Roche, José
Year of Birth: 1687
Year of Death: 1727
Gender: m
Occupation: Franciscan; missionary
Occupation Classification: Members of a Religious Order (720); Priests, Preachers, Ministers, Rabbis (710)
Country: Philippines; Spain
Archive: South-East Asian Biographical Archive (SEABA)
Fiche Location: 350,143
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Gómez Platero
Short Title: Gómez Platero
Source Citation: Gómez Platero, Eusebio; Catálogo biográfico de los religiosos franciscanos: de la provincia de San Gregorio Magno de Filipinas desde 1577 en que llegaron los primeros á Manila hasta los de nuestros días / formado por Eusebio Gomez Platero. - Manila: Real colegio de Santo Tomás, 1880
Saur Document Number: O63961
Gale Document Number: DA3550065806

Name: Roche, Philip
Other Name(s): c.h. John Eustace
Year of Birth: 1693?
Year of Death: 1723
Gender: m
Occupation: pirate
Occupation Classification: Criminals, Pirates, Traitors (912)
Archive: British Biographical Archive (BBA)
Fiche Location: I 941,267-273;II 1739,225-232
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Johnson; Knapp/Baldwin; Gosse; Hayward
Short Title: Johnson
Source Citation: Johnson, Charles; The History of the Lives and Actions of the most Famous Highwaymen, Street-Robbers, &c. &c. &c.: to which is Added, a Genuine Account of the Voyages and Plunders of the most Noted Pirates / by Charles Johnson [pseud.]. - new ed. - Edinburgh [et al.]: Thomson [et al.], 1814
Short Title: Knapp/Baldwin
Source Citation: Knapp, Andrew; Baldwin, William; The New Newgate Calendar: Being Interesting Memoirs of Notorious Characters, who Have Been Convicted of Outrages on the Laws of England, During the Eighteenth Century, Brought Down to the Present Time / by Andrew Knapp and William Baldwin. - London: Robins [et al.], [1826?]. - 5 vols
Short Title: Gosse
Source Citation: Gosse, Philip; The Pirates' Who's Who: Giving Particulars of the Lives & Deaths of the Pirates & Buccaneers / by Philipp Gosse. - London: Dulau, 1924
Short Title: Hayward
Source Citation: Lives of the most Remarkable Criminals: who Have Been Condemned and Executed for Murder, the Highway, Housebreaking, Street Robberies, Coining or Other Offences, Collected from Original Papers and Authentic Memoirs, and Published in 1735 / edited by Arthur L. Hayward. - London: Routledge, 1927
Saur Document Number: B150384
Gale Document Number: DA3504257290

Name: La Roche, Jean-Baptiste de
Year of Birth: 1704
Year of Death: 1785
Gender: m
Occupation: Jesuit missionary
Occupation Classification: Members of a Religious Order (720)
Archive: Chinese Biographical Archive (CBA)
Fiche Location: 133,14-15
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Pfister L.
Short Title: Pfister L.
Source Citation: Pfister, Louis; Notices biographiques et bibliographiques sur les Jésuites de l'ancienne mission de Chine: 1552-1773 / par Louis Pfister. - Shanghai: Imprimerie de la Mission Catholique, 1932/1934. - 2 vols. - (Variétés Sinologiques N° 59, 60).
Saur Document Number: H20730
Gale Document Number: DA3530022753

World Biographical Index

I got access to the World Biographical Information System and looked around for ROCHEs in India. I found four records -

Name: Roche-Grellier
Gender: m
Year Cited: 1883
Occupation: physician
Occupation Classification: General Practitioners (411)
Country: Haiti; France; West India
Archive: Scandinavian Biographical Archive (SBA)
Fiche Location: I A-269,385
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Carøe 1
Short Title: Carøe 1
Source Citation: Carøe, Kristian Frederik; Den danske Lægestand: 1. Doktorer og Licentiater, 1479-1788, 2. Kirurger eksaminerede ved Theatrum anatomichirurgicum, 1738-85, 3. Den danske Lægestand 1786-1838, 4. Læger 1838-1900 (Supplement til 7. Udgave), 5. Supplement til Bd. 1-4 ved J. W. S. Johnsson / ved Kristian Carøe. - København [et al.]: Gyldendal [et al.], 1904-1922. - 5 Bd.
Saur Document Number: C131904
Gale Document Number: DA3512116609

Name: Roche, William James
Year of Birth: 1865
Year of Death: 1948
Gender: m
Occupation: engineer
Occupation Classification: Technicians, Engineers (181)
Country: Ireland; India; New Zealand
Archive: Australasian Biographical Archive (ANZO-BA)
Fiche Location: 336,49-50
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Furkert
Short Title: Furkert
Source Citation: Furkert, Frederick William; Early New Zealand Engineers / by F.W. Furkert. Revised and edited by W. L. Newnham. - Wellington: Reed, 1953
Saur Document Number: N073-917-6
Gale Document Number: DA3520075907

Name: Roche, V.
Year of Birth: 1922
Gender: m
Occupation: public accountant; Indian community leader
Occupation Classification: Accountants (308); Politics: Others (329)
Country: Malaysia; India
Archive: South-East Asian Biographical Archive (SEABA)
Fiche Location: 350,144
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Leaders of Malaya
Short Title: Leaders of Malaya
Source Citation: The leaders of Malaya and who's who 1957-58 / edited and published by J. Victor Morais. - Kuala Lumpur: Morais, 1957
Saur Document Number: O63962
Gale Document Number: DA3550065807

Name: D'Costa, Roche Francis
Gender: m
Year Cited: 1947-1948
Occupation: medical practitioner
Occupation Classification: General Practitioners (411)
Country: Malaysia; India
Archive: South-East Asian Biographical Archive (SEABA)
Fiche Location: 93,269
Short Title(s) of Source(s): Medical practitioners
Short Title: Medical practitioners
Source Citation: Directory of information on medical practitioners in Malaysia / edited by Kuah Kim Boo. - 2 ed. - Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian Medical Ass, 1972
Saur Document Number: O16918
Gale Document Number: DA3550018790

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Geography of the Indian Empire - 1926

The book -

Morrison, Cameron. A New Geography of the Indian Empire and Ceylon. Fifth Edition. London, Edinburgh, and New York: Thomas Nelson and Sons, 1926, 101-191.

has been transcribed and put online. It starts with the political divisions and then goes on to give details on the then Provinces of India and Indian Feudatory States.

Web Sources for Military History

Prof. emer. R Jensen has compiled many history related sites at the Web Sources for Military History.

It deals mainly with American history; it does contain a few India related links.

Chamier Family

Another family web site - Chamier Family.

Old Style and New Style Dates

I've encountered dates of the format 2nd March 1735/6 when reading through old documents. Now I know what it means! There's an article describing Old style and new style dates and changes to the Gregorian calendar.

Bibliography of Anglo-Indian Books

Bibliography of Anglo-Indian Books

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Genes reunited

Heard some rave reviews of genes reunited so I registered myself to that site.

Will enter some family trees there. I can search for specific individuals (ancestors and current) on the site - these have been entered by members like me. So I can check if anyone is researching the same ancestor as I am.

Unfortunately they don't allow me to contact the other researcher until I cough out 7.5 pounds. So far I didn't find anyone researching the ROCHEs in India there, so don't plan to upgrade my membership.

posted message on cousinconnect

Posted my message on cousinconnect.

Hi, I am researching the ROCHE family in India. I am especially interested in the family in Southern India, but am currently researching the family throughout the sub-continent. If you need information on the ROCHE family in India you may write to me; and if you have any information to share, I'll be glad to hear about it.

hopefully someone will notice!

Saturday, August 07, 2004

How much is it worth today?

Every wondered what the money one of your ancestors was earning would be worth today? The Economic history resources site has a nice utility to do just that!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Family History in India - 6

10. From the the Indian Mutiny Medal Roll (1857-1859) whose recipients served in 1st Madras Fusiliers, 3rd Madras Fusiliers, 1st Bengal Fusiliers, 2nd Bengal Fusiliers, 1st Bombay Fusiliers, the Lahore Light Horse and ‘A Troop’ Madras Horse Artillery, as well as the staff and students of La Martiniere College, Lucknow. It is extracted from the The Indian Mutiny Medal Roll (British Forces)1857-1859 by Kevin Asplin which is a complete list of 50,700 men who received the medal.

No.RankSurnameFirst NamesRegimentRemarks
570PrivateRoachJames3rd Madras FusiliersClaimed Discharge
121PrivateRoachJohn3rd Madras Fusiliers
SergeantRoachWilliam2nd Bengal European Fusiliers
PrivateRocheEdmund1st Bengal European Fusiliers
PrivateRocheJames2nd Bengal European Fusiliers

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Family History in India - 5

9. From the Indian Mutiny Medal - British Forces 1857-1859

SurnameGiven Names(s)RankRegiment or Ship
RoachDavidPrivate72nd Foot (Duke of Albany's Own Highlanders)
RoachDavidPrivate95th Foot (Derbyshire)
RoachEdwardPrivate1st Battalion 10th Foot (North Lincolnshire)
RoachEdwardPrivate88th Foot (Connaught Rangers)
RoachGeorgePrivate38th Foot (1st Staffordshire)
RoachHenryPrivate83rd Foot
RoachJamesPrivate1st Battalion 10th Foot (North Lincolnshire)
RoachJamesPrivate43rd Foot (Monmouthshire Light Infantry)
RoachJamesPrivate97th Foot (Earl of Ulster's)
RoachJamesPrivateCamel Corps
RoachJohnPrivate1st Battalion 10th Foot (North Lincolnshire)
RoachJohnSergeant1st Battalion 6th Foot (1st Warwickshire)
RoachJohnPrivate3rd Battalion Rifle Brigade
RoachJohnPrivate83rd Foot
RoachJohnPrivate83rd Foot
RoachMichaelBugler1st Battalion 60th Foot (King's Royal Rifle Corps)
RoachMichaelPrivate86th Foot (Royal County Down)
RoachPatrickPrivate86th Foot (Royal County Down)
RoachPeterPrivate1st Battalion 10th Foot (North Lincolnshire)
RoachRemmyPrivate73rd Foot
RoachSolomanPrivate74th Foot (Highland)
RoachWilliamPrivate75th Foot
RoachWilliamPrivate82nd Foot (Prince of Wales's Volunteers)
RoacheEdwardDrummer88th Foot (Connaught Rangers)
RoacheJamesPrivate1st Battalion 4th Foot (King's Own)
RoacheJamesPrivate64th Foot (2nd Staffordshire)
RoacheJohnPrivate35th Foot (Royal Sussex)
RoacheJohnPrivate64th Foot (2nd Staffordshire)
RocheCharles BoysePaymaster 34th Foot (Cumberland)
RocheJamesPrivate81st Foot (Loyal Lincoln Volunteers)
RocheJohnPrivate1st Battalion 8th Foot (The King's)
RocheLawrencePrivate61st Foot (South Gloustershire)
RocheMichaelPrivate32nd Foot (Cornwall)
RochePatrickPrivate61st Foot (South Gloustershire)
RocheWilliamPrivate1st Battalion 8th Foot (The King's)
RocheWilliamPrivate78th Foot (Highland)

Family History in India - 4

8. From the Index to Bengal Marriages 1855-1864

SurnameFirst NameOther NamesSpouse SurnameSpouse First NameSpouse Other NamesYearPrefixVol NoFolioNotes

Family History in India - 3

7. From the Index to Bengal Marriages 1865-1873

RoahreyGeorgeThompsonVictoria V.186712079
RocheEsther A.Jenno[n]Pierre de L.186913097 & 453
RocheWilliamMullinsMary A.1871137270
Jenno[n]Pierre de L.RocheEsther A.186913097 & 453
MullinsMary A.RocheWilliam1871137270

Family History in India - 2

6. From the Index to Bengal Marriages 1874-1896

KayeFredk. Wm.RocheBridget Agnes2162931891
KingJoseph Hy.D'RocheCecilia Joanna Anna22336 & 571891
RoachAgnesHarrisonHenry William2633711884
RoachCharlotteStokesHenry C.1661961878
RoachMargaretYoungJames D.1612011877
RoachMaryAdamsFrancis Alf.2901411890
RoachMary EllenBruceWalter2101951889
RoachRebecca E.MorganJames H.1581501876
RoacheAlex. W.DavisIda Jane2122751890
RoacheJas. Hy.De SilvaSarah2031901888
RoacheJoseph A.TurnerCaroline E.184701883
RochErnest W.WoodBeatrice C.226161892
RochaLouisMa MeinMary Clara2633931887
RocheA. MargaretHarperThos. M.1622321877
RocheAlex. de R. B.MayneAgnes Blair2072781882
RocheAlicia M.WillettFrank191[8]61885
RocheBridget AgnesKayeFredk. Wm.2162931891
RocheEveline C.HoganWm. John. A.2082661889
RocheMabelDoyleMichall Jos.2161861891
RocheMary AGreenNicholas1841871883
RocheMary A.NeavesJonathan T.1632231878
RocheTimothyHodgesEmily23468 & Reg1893
NeavesJonathan T.RocheMary A.1632231878
De RoachesThomas De Silva Catherine 263 376 1885
De RocheElizth.RyanHy. Ed.246339 1895
De RocheFranciscaD'SilvaPeter 263 376a 1891
De RocheMary I. Gardener Geo. Reddish 229 741890
DeRocheJohnMah TeRebecca2633761888
DoyleMichall Jos.RocheMabel2161861891
D'RocheCecilia Joanna AnnaKingJoseph Hy.22336 & 571891
D'RocheEdmd. Jso.McGrathKathleen2391421894
D'SilvaPeterDe RocheFrancisca263376a1891
GardenerGeo. ReddishDe RocheMary I.229741890
GreenNicholasRocheMary A1841871883
HarperThos. M.RocheA. Margaret1622321877
HodgesEmilyRocheTimothy23468 & Reg1893
HoganWm. John. A.RocheEveline C.2082661889
Mah TeRebeccaDeRocheJohn2633761888
MayneAgnes BlairRocheAlex. de R. B.2072781882
McGrathKathleenD'RocheEdmd. Jso.2391421894
WillettFrankRocheAlicia M.191[8]61885

Family History in India

I went to Cathy Day's Family History in India site and found that a lot of information has been added since my last visit.

Here are the ROCHEs mentioned in the site -

1. From the Index to Calcutta Marriages 1713-1800.

Groom: Roche, Edward
Bride: "Domingo"
Year: 1752
Folio: N/1/1/382

2. From the Ecclesiastical Officers in Hart's Army List - 1873

Name of Minister: Andrew William Roche QUINLAN
Qualification: MA
Level: Junior Chaplain
Year of Appointment: 1868
Presidency: Bengal
Location: Howrah

3. From the Madras Army Recruit Embarkation List for HEICS Minerva
Gravesend to Madras 12th May - 24th August 1827 (L/MIL/9/77 & L/MIL/9/100)

Recruited: Artillery
Christian: Danl
Surname: Roche
Rank: Soldier
Age: 19
Ft.: 5
Ins.: 7¼
Enlistment: 22-Jan-1827
Occupation: Labourer
Town: Ballinspittle
County: Cork
Country: England
Enlisted: Cork
Period: Unlimited
Remark: Wife, Margaret

4. From the British Army Casualty List 2nd Afghan War 1878-1880

Rank: Lieutenant
Surname: Thackwell
Given Names: Colquhoun Grant Roche
Unit: 51st Foot
Nature of Casualty: Severe Wound
Place of Casualty: near Pezwan
Date of Casualty: 30-06-1880

5. From the Medical Officers in Hart's Army List - 1873

Name of Officer: William Roche RICE, MD
Rank: Surgeon
Commission: 20 Nov 1856
Seniority: 20 Nov 1868
Presidency: Bengal
Other Information: Civil, Jubbulpore, 20 Jan 1865